Bad Weather Flyout Tights


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Bad weather can't keep us down. Not the wind, snow, or freezing rain - which is exactly when you should wear these tights. These are pinnacle defy-the-elements tights, based on their combo of two ultra high performing fabrics. First, waterproof Say Anything fabric from Schoeller® does exactly that: it keeps cold rain and snow from getting through on the area where you need the most protection, on your quads. The rest of the tights are made from our best-selling Flyout Compression, created by the masterminds at Polartec® and is loved for being both thick and stretchy. The leg opening includes a detailed, tulip cut, and are designed to stop just above the ankle. We added two hidden zip pockets at the side of the leg, and of course a big rear zip pocket that will fit your phone or other items. Bad weather? No matter.

- Flyout Compression (nylon / polyester / spandex)
- Say Anything waterproof fabric on thigh (polyester)
- side zip pockets
- rear waist zip pocket
- interior drawcord
- 26.5" inseam


• Side zip pockets
• Rear waist zip pocket
• Interior drawcord
• 26.5" inseam


• Flyout Compression (nylon / polyester / spandex)
• Say Anything waterproof fabric on thigh (polyester)

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Customer Reviews

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Wanted to love but not for tall ladies…

I have purchased my share of winter outdoor gear for living in Alaska. I wanted to love these tights for our cold and wet Alaskan winters full of precipitation and cold temps, and the fabric and thickness of these tights seemed like they would do the trick. However, as a 5’10” runner and athlete with a 35” inseam, these didn’t work for me because they barely made it to my lower calf. I ended up giving them to a friend and she loves them, so I just wish they came in a “tall bird” inseam.

Almost Perfect

With a name that includes "bad weather" I knew these were must have tights for our cold Michigan winters. I've purchased a lot of expensive leggings but have never been 100% satisfied on cold days dipping below freezing. And I don't mean 30 degree temps, I mean -15 degree temps. These came before winter arrived but I was still happy to unpack them and try them on. My first impression was that I didn't love the seeming. It's very thick and noticeable. I don't care so much about looks if the product works but these seemed almost tacky looking. The material also surprised me. The front wind-breaking panels are almost a pleather feel which is fine since I was hoping it would resist the strong winds we have. The first day I wore these tights it was in the 20s with minimal wind. The fronts of my legs felt AMAZING. Like not the frozen, red, chilled piece of flesh they always are but warm and toasty after several miles outside. Unfortunately, when I wore the tights a second time in colder temps with a real feel around zero they didn't do as well. There is no wind-breaking panels on the butt and backs of thighs which get just as cold as the front. And even with the extra insulation I still definitely felt the chill. Now I use them with an insulated ski skirt over them which helps considerably. I would say they are still the best cold weather tights I've found so far but if I could make them better I would add fleece lining inside, put the wind-breaking panels on the backside as well and tone down the stitching. With those changes these would be a 5 star tight.

Perfect for MN winter!

These are a great addition to my winter running wardrobe. I’m 5’0 and petite so a 2 is a little loose which is perfect for layering. I love the zip pockets and the back fits a phone perfectly. I’ve run in some 0° and colder runs and they held up as expected. Thank you Oiselle for making these!

A must-have for winter!

Mid-west winters are BRUTAL. The wind is unrelenting. But let me tell you, the wind has NOTHING on these tights. We are in the midst of some especially gnarly weather right now and these tights lived up to their name. I wore them in the snow (actively snowing) yesterday and liked them so much that I washed them and wore them again this morning, in -3* winter fun (yes negative 3 degrees). To be honest, I was skeptical when they arrived. The seams are sewn a little funny and it appears at first glance that they aren't sewn together well. They are FINE. They do not seem to be "hanging on by a thread." They also do not chafe. I am a 2 in Oiselle shorts, but usually get a 4 in tights/capris (probably left over from those first generation pocket joggers). I probably could have gotten the 2 in these. They are roomy in front (where it matters) and back, but amazingly don't ride down. I seem to have an unaddressed aversion to drawstrings, which means I don't use them, and I didn't feel like they were riding down, and the real test is that I didn't stop to adjust them yesterday or today.
Additional random thoughts: They are thick, but they aren't cumbersome. I don't feel like I am hauling around some extra person. I appreciate the effort that was made to include three pockets in these, but I'm not sure that I LOVE the side pockets - they are good for a key or a gel, but not an inhaler. Also, I want to put in a good word for the insulated Vim jacket (it just came off the site so I can't put a review there) but it is *the best*. It helps with wind, is warm but not bulky, has a nice hood situation. PLEASE bring that back. (I also own the insulated vest and its so great). The puffy vest is cute, but I wear that around, not to run. I prefer less bulk when running - lots of love for the Vim/Vigor insulated line. <3