Bad Weather Flyout Tights

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Bad weather can't keep us down. Not the wind, snow, or freezing rain - which is exactly when you should wear these tights. These are pinnacle defy-the-elements tights, based on their combo of two ultra high performing fabrics. First, waterproof Say Anything fabric from Schoeller® does exactly that: it keeps cold rain and snow from getting through on the area where you need the most protection, on your quads. The rest of the tights are made from our best-selling Flyout Compression, created by the masterminds at Polartec® and is loved for being both thick and stretchy. The leg opening includes a detailed, tulip cut, and are designed to stop just above the ankle. We added two hidden zip pockets at the side of the leg, and of course a big rear zip pocket that will fit your phone or other items. Bad weather? No matter.


• Side zip pockets
• Rear waist zip pocket
• Interior drawcord
• 26.5" inseam


• Flyout Compression (nylon / polyester / spandex)
• Say Anything waterproof fabric on thigh (polyester)

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Tights that go the distance and keep you comfortable. From soft and technical, to compressive and moisture-wicking, topped with ample storage and a stay-put fit. Our tights are designed with a spectrum of run needs in mind. Stride out for any adventure in any weather.

Flyout compression is our warmest and most durable compression fabric. Made by Polartec© as part of their Power Stretch Pro© line, it has a smooth, durable face and soft looped interior to trap warmth. High stretch and breathability make this fabric perfect for tights and outerwear.

Customer Reviews

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ok but too expensive and not worth it

I thought it would be heavier on the fabric. Still feels the cold with 35 to 40 degrees weather. Disappointed

Good tights but weird sizing

It was my first time buying Oiselle tights and I bought these along with the regular flyout tights (which I give a 5-star). I'm 5'3", 27" waist, 36" hips and while the size chart puts me at a 4/6, I bought a 2 in these (same as I wear in Oiselle shorts). Trying them on for the first time, I didn't think I was going to be able to wiggle them up over my butt! The material stretches but the stitching around the waist and ankles doesn't have a lot of give. Anyway, I did manage to get them on and once they're up the fit is just fine. But, as other have stated something does feel a little "off"... I can't quite figure it out, but because the front panel isn't stretchy it's like the motion of running kinda pulls them down as you go. I can't decide if I had sized up to a 4 if it would be better or worse. Regardless, they do keep you warm and the pockets are great.

OK, but ultimately not worth the $$$

The quad panels are great for cold/windy runs along the lake, but the rest of the tights seem thin...thinner than other Oiselle tights, leaving the rest of my legs (and backside) freezing! The seams don't appear to be well sewn, but they've held up over 2-3 washes so far.

Something feels off in the sizing…

Or, it could just be me! But if it’s not, here’s my personal 2 cents… I got these and quickly threw them on before heading to a festive light meetup (where we jog/ran) and I found myself pulling them up. A lot. Felt like the tights were bunching up (as in not being tight) around the thighs and crouch, and excess gather around the ankles. This is the first product from Oiselle I’ve gotten that I kinda felt bummed about. I am a 2 across the board in their shorts and tights (some that I even questioned if I should have sized up in, but ultimately, the 2’s have always been the, “just right” fit). I highly encourage trying them on if you have a shop nearby that sells them! In the right fit, I imagine these are seriously solid gold for anyone who needs to maintain some warmth in their colder climates!! (Me: 5’7 and around 118, with legs that I typically have a difficult time finding a good fit because of my having “bigger” legs/thighs, aka muscular.)