We've always loved strappy style! But it's not just about aesthetics. The multi-strap system distributes pressure and weight to the relief of your shoulders. While these straps are relatively narrow, they have encased elastic, making them strong and soft. Bonus: this design has two small mesh pockets at the sides, ready for your fuel, lip balm, card key or more. The wide, stable chestband equals no-slip support.

- Plya Interlock Compression (polyester / spandex)
- small mesh pocket under each underarm
- four-strap design for comfort and support
- removable cups
- compression level: 2
- constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics

Customer Reviews

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Best Oiselle bra in terms of support

This one is my favorite Oiselle bra in terms of support. No issues with bounce. Also the straps in the back are a nice touch. It reminds me of the Ballard bra but more supportive (maybe because of the wider band underneath the breasts??). It seems like it doesn't work for everyone (some people mention it is too short... Maybe they have really long breasts (vertically). I think I have a long torso but this bra fit perfectly. I love the extra pocket on the side which lets you fit small items like a key. Fits true to size. I got it in size 4, which is my usual for Oiselle tops.

whitney kaulbach
breathing room

This is a bra with breathing room. I'm 51 years old and my chest size has shifted which makes it hard to find a bra that I can take a full breath while running. I don't like fabric that comes high, I'm a minimalist. This low décolletage is perfect with or without a shirt which must add to its breathability. I also live in the desert. It is 90-105 every time I run. So, this is lightweight and cool. I take out the pads to make it lighter and even more breathable. I used to love the high ten bra and when it was discontinued I moved into the high twenty which is snug. This is a perfect fit. Buying a second one now.

Casey Silvia
Love this sports bra!

I absolutely love the look of this bra and it is super comfortable. I wear it for yoga or around the house so I can't say how it would perform if you used it for running, but it's great for my purposes. I like that it's little lower cut because I can wear it under tank tops without the top of the bra sticking out. I think it's also very flattering. I will say that I had to size down in it-- I was swimming in my normal size and it would have provided no compression. It was well worth waiting on the exchange though.

Not a great fit

The fabric on this bra is lovely and soft and the support is good, but unfortunately it’s too short for me. The bottom of the cups/top of the band hits on my boobs rather than under and the bra isn’t long enough to stretch below and stay there. The mesh under arm pocket makes no sense to me. I often run in a sports bra alone, so this chafes my arms. Even if you wore a shirt on top, I don’t know what could be kept in here. Anything rigid or bulky would cause friction. Also, the cups at the front/shoulder area are too wide and dig into the front of my armpit area. I’ve never had this problem before so I think the fit on this bra just does not work for my body.

Perfect Except the Low Cut

This bra is a big improvement on other Oiselle bras I've bought in the past. The wide chest band is fantastic and doesn't roll up like a lot of other styles. As always I love the two strap design and the compression is pretty good. My only complaint is that it's low cut. The front scoops down and shows a lot of cleavage which isn't the look I'm going for while running. If the cut was just a bit higher this bra would be perfect.

Super Soft

I love this bra. Very comfortable, not too tight, and fabulously design. I'm small chested (32A) and the size 4 felt soft and supportive. I could wear it running or around town.

Enjoying this bra, but not for running

I love the wide chest band and 4-strap design - it's super comfortable and there's no pressure points. I'm really loving this bra as a low impact/everyday bra, but find it's not supportive enough for me to run in. I think I'm a 34B - I wear a size 2 in other Oiselle bras and size 2 fits in this style perfectly. New favorite, but just not for high impact activity for me! If you're looking for a compression level 2 with a bit more support - I'd try the Pockito or Lesko Bra!

Probably Meant for Fuller Busts

I am a 32 A, fuller on the bottom and super shallow up top. A size 2 in the hi twenty bra is perfect for me. The size 2 in this bra is fine, but I need to keep the cups in to fill it out. There is a teensy bit of wrinkling at the top outside of the bust above the mesh area. I think the wrinkling is from this bra's overall fit being a little more generous--if you are small busted you might want to size down. This bra provides the necessary support (the thick band is overkill in terms of support for my teenies, but is probably helpful for those who are more endowed than I), does not chafe, is easy to put on and peel off after a sweaty run, is not too constricting, and the pockets are nice to have. Bluesign fabric is definitely a plus for me.

As a note, the queen colorway is neon orange at the center yoke and the straps and mesh are tomato(ish) red.

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