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When the temps heat up, sometimes we want running shorts with a little less running. A pair of shorts for strolling and standing and going about a warm weather life. Meet the Track Fan Shorts. Made from Roga fabrics, both print and solid, they're designed for leisure. The front is flat and flattering, with no elastic in the front panel. The sides and rear are gently elasticized. At the sides, are two large pockets, perfect for a phone, keys, snacks, what have you. Bonus: Roga fabrics are swass busters. Just like our running shorts, sweat is dispersed and not visible. Function is fashion!

- Roga Stretch Woven fabric (polyester / spandex)
- large side pockets
- elastic rear waist for comfort and fit
- 3" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

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I do like these shorts - comfortable and the Grounded pattern is very cute. However, I would love them if they were an inch or two longer and the waist was a yoga-style waist, like the Roga running shorts. The back elastic tends to twist inside the fabric - weird. I have been looking for the perfect pair of "non-running, but power walking the dogs and yard work" shorts - these are close. For reference, I'm 5'4" about 115 pounds - my typical size 4 was perfect. Now, if you made shorts out of that long ago Kaliedo-go fabric...

The best shorts

I bought one pair and loved them so much I bought two more. These are so comfy and cute. Love wearing them basically all the time. They're really great for running and hiking, too.

Go to summer short

I love these shorts! I wanted a short that was athletic feeling but didn’t look like workout wear and I found these to fit the bill. They’re super light and unrestrictive. I wear a size 4 in roga shorts and ended up getting a 4 and a 2, both fit, the 4 is just a little baggier in the butt.

Comfort yes! Sizing weird.

In the Roga shorts and pretty much every bottom I wear in oiselle I'm an 8 but these, I could have ordered in a 6. I've got thick thighs so I figured they'd be snug but instead they're super loose in the leg and the waist.
Love them and are SUPER comfy and I'm sure even comfy as soon as I get these in the right size! These shorts are definitely going to be a new favorite as soon as I get the size down, if you're someone who usually goes between size, maybe size down.

No Built-in Undies! YES!

I hate hate built-in undies in running and workout shorts. These solved my life’s problems.

They fit and feel like a dream. I’m ordering a second pair.

New go-to shorts!

These are perfect. Waist band lays comfortably on my mom belly. Pockets are always a plus for carrying my phone around. Ridiculously comfy and not clingy. If you love the feel of rogas but don’t want the liner these are your go to.

Super-cute and comfy every day shorts

These are perfect every-day, work-from-home shorts. I've been wearing them way too often. I love the blue moody floral pattern and that they are so comfortable I don't know they are on. The pockets are great for phone and bags when walking my dog. I am usually an XS/2 and the 2 fits perfectly.

My mom, who is almost 80, has fallen in love with these shorts and is about to order a pair (she is still sporty!).

Comfy but not quite right

I found the Track Fan shorts to be generally true to Oiselle’s sizing, running perhaps a bit large. They’re very cute and comfortable, but they fell flat for me in a few ways.

First, I have trouble justifying the price for a pair of unlined stretchy shorts. These are a lot less technical than my numerable pairs of running shorts from Oiselle. I love the brand, I love the fabric, but I'd be hard-pressed to pay full price for the shorts.

Secondly, the waistband is a miss for me. I expected more structure from it, but it’s a bit too narrow and doesn’t provide any hold. I wouldn’t feel confident putting keys and a phone in the pockets with the expectation that my shorts will stay up. I also experienced the waistband rolling down and folding over during the day as a result of normal movement. At first, I thought this might be a sizing issue. However, after wearing the shorts all day I don’t believe I could go down a size. Overall, they’re a great concept and they’re cute enough that I’ll keep them. I’m excited to see how Oiselle improves on the Track Fan shorts in the future.