My senior year of college I was assaulted by someone I had cared about and it brought me to an incredibly dark and low place. 

Everything I cared about or worked for suffered, my grades, track and field. I even secluded myself from my friends. But they never stopped pursuing me. My family never stopped pursuing me. My season suffering was a real blow to me because it was senior year, regardless I did make it to regionals in Jacksonville to try and secure a spot for the National Championship in Oregon.

Although the competition wasn't going well. My fire wasn't burning, if anyone has seen me compete you know I do with plenty of energy, but this year there was no spark. Coming into my last jump I was sitting in 13th place, but only top 12 qualify. Mentally, I had already given up, until two of my best friends came over to the fence screaming, "YOU GET UP TORI!! You go FRANK FRANK! you can do this! GET UP!"

Immediately, I awakened. On my last attempt, I jumped into first place, tears streaming down my face as I walked out of the pit. Dusting sand off my legs, I walked over to them as they cried for me as well. This is the love and community that I see in the ladies of Oiselle and I am so incredibly excited to be here and to be a part of this family. 


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February 05, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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