Ah, running friends. They pick us up. They push us on. They listen to our boring stories mile after mile (do they have a choice? No!)… But who knew they had other skills? Did other things? And yes…wore other clothes? (Well, let’s not be rash.) And who knew they’d even have one iota of interest in jumping into mundane, brain-cell killing task of the dreaded year-end inventory?
Yeah, who knew? But they do and they did. And this is just a Friday shout out to the Oiselle family of staff (okay 3 of us), friends (okay, 2: Larisa and Abby) and pretty much anybody (fellow Green Lake Starbucks patrons?) who came, counted, stacked, and broke boxes like nobody’s business. To you we are thankful, grateful, and ever so well counted. Merci!

Larisa conquers stacks of boxes with nothing more than a tape gun and massively wicked Oiselle outfit.