One of the cool things about becoming a grown up, or even a grown up in your 40’s (can we please call that a super grownup?) is that then we get to look back over a couple of decades and marvel at how we survived the insanity of youth. Who among us doesn’t have some kind of story, experience, hardship that we had to overcome?

While I often poke fun at my upbringing in Berkeley in the 70’s…running barefoot through yards with tall grass and the occasional marijuana plant, the fact is that my Dad, our single parent, provided a lot of stability. A single parent, yes, but also an attorney with a wide support system and the means to an income. While my Mom wasn’t completely out of the picture, my Dad was my primary parent – and did most of the momming. He mommed on us with our homework. And he mommed on us for family vacations. He definitely mommed on me through dentist appointments and piano lessons.

sally_dad.jpgMy Dad taught me to read AND run.

My Dad also taught me to run. He prodded me out there the first time. And he kept lacing up even when I didn’t join. And eventually some run love wore off, and found a way into my heart. He was my original roll mama. Getting out there, to take care of himself, and in the process teaching me a valuable life skill.

Here’s to Dad. Here’s to lacing up. And here’s to all moms who do what they do, while making their own exercise and self-care a part of that.

Roll on Roll Mamas!



April 27, 2016 — jacquelyn scofield

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