Welcome to our monthly "lightning round" with Sally and Kara Goucher: this time Kara's favorite #flystyle. 


Sally: What was the first Oiselle style you saw and what was your impression?

Kara: Before I signed with Oiselle I was always jealous of all the strappy bras and flyte tops. I remember just being so envious of those strappy bra lines!

Sally: When you got your first care package from The Nest, before you signed with Oiselle, what were your favorite couple of items - and why?

Kara: I got a flyte top which I just loved. The fit and the fabric were so luxurious. I also really loved the infinity scarf I got. I may have over worn that scarf!


Sally: Do you have an O color you like the most?

Kara: I'm really loving podium blue. It’s probably my favorite color yet.

Sally: Now you've been sponsored by us through 4, almost 5, seasons. Even though you get almost everything in the line - do you have styles you've held onto from past seasons?

Kara: There are some styles that I have a hard time getting rid of - the Lux Henley tank, some of the printed sweatpants. But I try to give to friends because I am so lucky to get everything and I just don’t have the room to keep it all.

Sally: When you gift Oiselle to friends or family, what's your go-to?

Kara: My mom and sisters are the best dressed women out there. I aways like to give a bra, short, and top. The hoodies are always great and the verrazano bras are always a hit.

Sally: We know you train with the CU kids. What are the types of styles they most notice, and what do they say?

Kara: They love the stride short mini! They love them and actually some have bought some which is really cool. They love the window tights too. They like the styles that are a bit more fashionable and are a bit more fitted.

Sally: Other than the elite kit, do you have a favorite short that makes you feel FAST?

Kara: I love the stride short mini and even though I’m not usually a traditional short girl, I really love the toolbelt rogas as well.

Sally: You wore Nike for a long time, and now Oiselle. How would you characterize the difference in fit?

Kara: Oiselle fits my body better. The cuts are made for women. A little longer length in the back of a tank, a softer waist band on a short, etc. Even my Nike friends love the cut of Oiselle.

Sally: What would you like to see MORE of from Oiselle in the future? (could be a style of garment, or a category, like outerwear... or anything... running ear muffs???)

Kara: I’m dying for a sleeveless hoodie and a sleeveless sweatshirt. And I’d like to see more coverup pieces for heading to and from the gym. I’ve got a lot of ideas, you better be ready to hear them;)


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