We wanted to know too: WWLW?! So we asked, and she answered. Her lookbook is a blend of sporty and spice - mixing in our latest spring designs for the tomboy, runner girl, nutty chick, beat poet, free and wilder heart. AKA, Fleshman Flyer to a T! See and shop her top picks at: What Would Lauren Wear.


Drape Tank (new!)
The drape on this top is so beautiful. It's not something I would have the eye for if I saw it on a rack, (my fashion imagination is awful), so it's helpful for me to see it on the body. The back is beautiful too. It reminds me of fashion in Australia.


Hi Line Bra and KG Shorts
Warm days, this is my M.O. This bra is flattering and comfortable, and I seem to choose it 4 days a week lately, probably because it has the most crossover into my non-athletic wardrobe. The side-boob vent detailing is my favorite part. KG shorts are awesome of course, just like the KG tights. They are my top choice for gym or kicking around the house in. Non-restrictive.


Gifted Verrazano Bra and Aero Capri
Because it's an Olympic Year, everyone can get away with being outwardly patriotic! These capris look great from the front too, but I'm particularly in love with the flattering subtle lines on the back. This is one of the things Oiselle does SO WELL. The gifted verazanno in red bloom is super supportive, but I also like that it is a little more conservative stylistically for when I'm feeling that vibe, or from a practical perspective, when I want to do inverted yoga poses without a single thought for what my boobs are doing.


Drop Top Long Sleeve 
The drop top mesh in black is such a classic look. It's a fantastic running top for spring and fall, but it's so classy looking I mostly wear it to dress up.  It is extremely light feeling, and feminine, and the bold horizontal panels give solidity and strength.


Wazzie Wool Tank (paired with: KG Shorts and Gifted Verrazano Bra)
Wazzie Wool Tank is such a great classic design, with all the performance properties I love about wazzie wool. I like to wear it in the lighter colors with a fun printed bra underneath.


Go Tank and Fancy Stride Shorts (paired with Gifted Verrazano Bra)
This color combo is pretty adventurous for me, but the fine red lines in these Fancy Stride Shorts make it work really well. I also LOVE having contrasting Verazanno Bra straps showing with tanks. Especially when the straps hue ties in with the shorts.


Lux Layer and Portman Shorts (paired with the American Runner Trucker Hat)
Who doesn't love lux, I mean seriously. It's so obvious I feel silly including it. I'm wearing this particular top as I write this. I hope this stye is available forever. Additionally, The Portman Shorts should win awards for their design. I like a splash of color on the bottom to go with what tends to be a more neutral personal taste in tops, but the black is a better choice for people running in really humid climates.


Mini Fancy Stride Shorts and Izumo Long Sleeve
Again with the fancy shorts and neutral top, but it works. This gives me room to wear a bright hat, or fun sunnies without looking like one of Jude's finger painting "masterpieces". The fabric of the Fancy Stride Shorts allows for sweating without obvious markings, so I gravitate towards these for the spin bike.  


Roga Pants and Lux Shimmel (new!)
This look appeals to the bohemian in me. I love everything about it. The top is lux, enough said. The bottoms have nice movement to them, and are super fun pulled up a bit on the calves. 


Pleat Tank and Stride Shorts
Lastly, I'm appreciating the sheerness of this top in this photo, which you can't really see for yourself without buying it. It's another item that is strikingly beautiful on, and can be paired with any number of bright shorts, or even a skirt. 



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