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stride shorts

stride shorts

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Slip these compression running shorts on and feel nothing but confidence once you start running. They are carefully designed never to ride up, and the small front zipper pocket is perfect for those small items you can't leave behind.

Looking for a seamless short? Check out the Flyte Shorts.

- Plya™ Compression fabric (85% poly / 15% spandex)
- high compression fabric
- never ride up
- machine washable
- 4.75" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
29 reviews

true to size

true to size

Great shorts that you forget you're wearing

Love these shorts -- good length, comfortable. Only small suggestion would be to put the pocket at the back of the waist. Have two pair - Please keep these shorts coming!

runs small
  • ohio
  • 34
  • 5'7"

wanted to love them

I wanted these for hot yoga and running. they show every tiny bulge - not all tight shorts do that! some can smooth it over. but these show every fold in my skin, even at the right size short. had to send back.

  • color and pocket
  • unflattering fit
true to size
  • New York City
  • 43
  • 65

Good length, poor quality

I have bought 2 pairs of these shorts, and I love the fit and the length. They stay in place and make my legs look great. I ran a marathon in them with minimal chafing or tugging. Unfortunately, both pairs split their inseams within 6 months. When it happened with the first pair, I thought it was a fluke. When it happens twice, I think it's a quality control issue.

  • Fit, length
  • BAD quality!
Please pass this information along to hello@oiselle.com. Sounds like you may have received a one off!
true to size
  • Washington
  • 53
  • 65


I was so excited to love these shorts, but I just don't, sadly. They creep up in the crotch--I spend way too much time yanking and trying to prevent the dreaded front wedgie. Also, the fabric was disappointing--not as soft and compressive as I had hoped. They are really cute, but they've made their way to the bottom of the shorts pile.

  • Cute, good length, legs stay put, pocket
  • Fabric, frontal creep
little bit loose
  • Aliso Viejo
  • 44
  • 62

Like the XS versus size 2 much better

I have been wearing these shorts for at least 3-4 years. I love them. A year or so ago when I ordered them the sizing was still XS. When I went to order last week there is the new sizing so I ordered a 2. The 2 fits a little bigger than the XS, disappointing. The rise is higher. So I am a bit bummed since I searched all over for a great short years ago and found this one. I might try the stride short mini but not sure if the rise will be any different, possibly only the leg length.

  • new color choices
  • new sizing, the 2 is not the same cut as the XS
true to size
  • San Diego
  • 36
  • 5.6

Awesome shorts~

I. love. these. shorts! It's been so hot in San Diego this summer, and I've been looking for more tight-fitting shorts to help with all the sweat that I create (baggy shorts eventually get heavy and uncomfortable). Except I've always been hesitant to try tight shorts like these because I have thick, muscular legs and shorts usually create ugly bulges at the seems, flatten my butt, and don't look flattering overall. Well....These shorts are wonderful! They don't ride up, and they don't create a muffin-top on my waist either. There's been no pressure points or itchy stitches for my long runs. Overall, these shorts have been pretty darn near perfect! They run TTS (I'm 5'6" around 150#. Usually wear an M or 6, and the 6 is perfect!)

  • Everything
  • I wish the gusset was larger
true to size

Hot pants!

I've always wanted to look good running in those tight little spandex shorts, but none of them have ever fit. So I've used the standard 6" that most brands offer, and felt like I'm wearing bike shorts. Functional but not cute. Hooray for the stride shorts and hooray for oiselle's numerical sizes! I'm always between medium and small, and so size 6 has been great. These shorts are shorter than my old "bike" shorts but not like a swim suit. Functional, cute, great for hot summer running. And I love the zipper pocket in front for my gel on long runs.

runs small

Great tights-don't ride up!

These are excellent! First pair of tight shorts that don't ride up on me! I've always wanted to wear the tights shorts but was always leery..I'm pretty lean (5'5..114lbs) but have wider hip bones and this type of shorts has ALways ridden up during my runs but not these! Yay!! Wish I could get one in every color:)!

true to size
  • more than 1 year(s)


This is the first pair of tights that fit perfectly and don't ride up!!! The length was exactly what I was looking for!

Size 2 fit perfect and I'm 4'11", 113 pounds, athletic build, bigger thighs (from decades of playing soccer).

true to size

Like them

I like these shorts quite a bit. Because they are compression and I have a bit of belly fat, they do give me a bit of a muffin top but not too bad. They don't ride up for me at all. I love the way they look and feel while running. Will buy more colors!

little bit loose

Major Ride Up

I wanted to love these since my husband thinks they are HOT and has been after me to wear them. I've now worn them twice and have relegated them to my 'only at dark' running gear. I didn't even get half a block before they started riding up. They didn't just creep- at one point, they literally ROLLED up my leg to my crotch. I ended my 5 mile run wearing black 'stride' panties

true to size


Love how they settle in place and stay put once I get sweaty on a long run. No chafing or discomfort. Feels nice and supportive.

true to size

Running naked!

I've had these about 3 weeks, and I really like them. It took me a run or 2 to get used to the length (my other favorites are about 2" longer) but once i got used to it, they became my go-to shorts. The fabric weight is light, which is awesome in Texas. Also i like the pocket placement for carrying stuff when i am doing ab workouts or at the gym. 5'7" 135 and i got M.

little bit loose

A lot to like, but still ride up

My first pair of compression shorts, I like them. However, they ride up since I don't have the right sized legs, I guess, to keep things in place. I got a small, no way do I think an extra small would have been wise! I guess I'll just have to pump some iron in the off season to give the legs something to hold onto. I got a bit of irritation, wedgie-wise, both front (ahem) and back. Don't want to have to wear these with undies to stop that, but may have to do so. Wish I'd gotten the 5" striders so I could have a bit more coverage when the inevitable creeping up occurs, but I guess I'll just think "I'm a sexy runner lady!" to myself and try not to worry my cellulite is showing a wee bit. And keep moving so eyes cannot focus on those trouble spots.
The pocket is really small, just enough for a key with a dongle, or a chapstick and some cash, not an ID or credit card. The pocket won me over the long flyte shorts, wish I hadn't chosen these over them. Sigh. At least the husband thinks they're hot.

little bit loose

too long for us shorties

I am 5'2". I tried these on in the store and they are just way too long! I would love for Oiselle to make a shorter option of these, like they did with the Roga. I must roll the original roga one time to make it feel like a normal length. I was thrilled when you came out with the Mac Roga!

true to size

Worked great

I have started running in spandex shorts after being a devoted baggy running shorts girl, and these are my favorite ones so far. I didn't have a problem with them riding up, even in a recent 17-mile trail race. I'm 5'6", about 130 pounds, and ordered the small.

rode up the entire run

I was excited to finally get these shorts in the mail, but excitement turned to extreme disappointment less than a quarter mile into my run. These shorts rode up faster than I got into my run pace. I ended up cutting my run short because I was so tired of continually pulling them down. My quest for new running shorts continues.

true to size
  • more than 2 year(s)

New favorite!

I wore these today for the first time on a hot, humid, swampy 6 mile run. There was no riding up or down, and no weird discomfort anywhere. The fabric felt light and supportive! I am 5'11" and 155lbs; I usually wear a size 8 but ordered the large instead of the medium because I have very large quads/hamstrings. Initially I was concerned that the waist would be too big, and unfortunately there is no infinity cord or drawstring, but once in motion they were fine and no "sausage legs" in sight. :-)

little bit loose

rode up :(

I love Oiselle's products so much and I wanted to love these shorts. Everything about them is perfect except for the fact that the legs rode up before I was a mile into my run. Compression shorts are the only shorts I prefer to run in, and I usually only buy pairs with some type of gripper on the leg opening. Perhaps future versions of this short will incorporate such a thing because I would love to own them.

true to size
  • more than 2 year(s)

Exactly what I needed

Size medium fit perfect - 5'7", 126 pounds with bubble butt and 21" thighs at the largest point.

I wanted compression shorts for racing, but I could never find a pair that didn't ride up or make me feel ridiculous and self-conscious. The length of these are not too long and not too short. They don't ride up while running at all, but they do ride up a bit when lifting, etc at the gym. But they are designed for running, so that is not something to complain about!

They are very comfortable, but I wish they were designed with gusseted crotch.

Thanks Oiselle!


Poorly constructed

The shorts arrived with poorly constructed seams around the thighs. Within a couple of uses the threads came undone and now the ENTIRE hem on BOTH legs has fallen down. What a disappointment. I wish I could return these. Totally not worth the money.


I was weary of buying spandex shorts because of fear they would ride up but these lil' beauts are fantastic! They are also flattering which is awesome!

Very comfy

I finally had the chance to try out these shorts as the weather has warmed up. They rode up my thighs slightly on runs of 4 and 3 miles, but were still comfortable. I am 5'4" and 135 lbs. I bought the medium and they fit perfectly.

Love these shorts!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect spandex running shorts for years, and always end up with the longer variety to prevent riding up (my thighs certainly touch...let's not talk about the chafing that happens). I bought these on a whim two weeks before a half marathon. After only one long run in them, I was sold, and wore them for my race. No riding up, but they're still flattering and not knee length! They were definitely a big snug around my thighs upon first putting them on, but they stretched out just the perfect amount as I wore them even just around the house. (I'm 5'10", 155 lbs, and ordered a medium, just for reference).

Not my favorite

I keep putting these on for one of my slower shorter runs hoping I will like them, but they ride up every time. These will have to live in the closet and only come out for the gym.


They rode up

I was super excited about these shorts after reading all the great reviews. I'm 5'7", 125 lbs and ordered an XS. Seemed to fit great and looked super cute. I took these out for a speed workout and they started riding up in the first mile. Very disappointing. I'll still run in them, but the hunt for the perfect short continues...

true to size

Great shorts, a little disappointed in longevity

I love these shorts. Trails, roads, races, and easy runs, these puppies will keep your legs looking great and chafe-free.
Sadly, after only only a few short months of my love affair with these shorts, my less than elite thighs have rubbed out the inner seam. These shorts have great coverage, feel amazing, don't ride up at all, and can go for miles, but I just with they had lasted more that 5-6 months before falling apart.

true to size

My favorite shorts!

I love these shorts! I normally look for longer tight shorts because I also experience the riding up issue. I am 5'1 and 113 and have pretty muscular thighs. I debated between the XS and S because I thought maybe a tighter fit would ensure they stayed in place but ultimately went with a Small and I'm glad I did. I save them every week for my long runs. They're super flattering, they don't cut in at all, and I've never had chafing issues. I also love the little pocket in the front.

true to size


I love these shorts. They stay put, they are flattering and the pocket is perfect. I have them in a couple of colors and they are the first shorts I wear after doing the laundry.

runs small

Great shorts

These shorts are very comfortable and stay in place. I usually have problems with tight shorts riding up but the Stride shorts stayed put during a sweaty hill workout.

little bit loose

Comfortable shorts

The material and construction of these shorts is top notch. However, they totally ride up on my. I have a size small and am 5' 5" and 125 lbs. Is my sizing off I wonder?

runs small

Love these!

I wore the stride shorts for my first marathon and they were amazing! I'd only done a 10 mile run in them before race day so I was wary of a little chafing but they were perfect.

true to size


Best shorts ever! I've been looking for no-adjustment-necessary compression shorts for workouts and races for FOREVER, and then I found these! I didn't need to touch them for an entire speed workout totaling 10 mi, and I'll be racing a half in them tomorrow!

true to size
  • more than 4 year(s)


These are the best shorts. They do not ride up. Ever. I have done long runs, short runs, sprints, hills you name it, I've run them in these shorts. Super flattering and awesome material. Buy all colors!

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