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Fall running. Bright leaves, crisp mornings, and rain coming at you sideways. The challenge of what to wear for fall training is light enough layers for the temperature (hovering between 45º and 60º) while having water and wind resistant outerlater.


As Seattleites we know rain, and this year we’ve added to our rain and wind resistant styles. We brought back the Burke and Gilman by popular demand and added a great rain ready warm up kit.

When we say rain and wind resistant it’s because the seams are left unsealed. This is a choice made to keep the jacket as breathable as possible, but is the difference between rain resistant and rain proof.

New Gilman Vest


Perfect for the warmer rainy days layered with a long sleeve like light weight Forrest or warmer Flash (above) or just arm warmers. You have rain and wind protection over your core where you most need it.

New Burke Jacket


Perfect for light misty rain, and colder temperatures. Light and breathable (same fabric as the New Gilman) with full coverage.

Wallace Jacket

Lesko was raving about the Wallace the other day in staff meeting. And I just had to have her write the love letter.


"I've been waiting for the Wallace Jacket since I had it for a few brief weeks in late spring! Once in awhile, I get to wear-test a prototype for Sally and the design team. When she asked for it back for a photo shoot, I was super sad and kept hanging around the "new styles" rack hoping it would come back to me...but sadly, I had to wait! Finally, 2 weeks ago I got to wear the Wallace around in my real life...


One of its first outings was a high school XC meet. 1.5 hours in drizzle to pouring rain, running around the course in my rainboots to cheer. I was absolutely shocked by how rain-resistant it, not completely waterproof, but the shoulders of my T-shirt weren't even wet when I got back into the car with dripping hair and a drenched hat. This jacket is super light-weight, breathable fabric, with abundant pockets and a removable hood, and zips up into its own pocket for packing. This is my new favorite layer! Only regret: now I have to get the charcola color too."

Of course other styles are water resistant and wind resistant, but the above are perfect for that mid temperature with wind and rain. Fall running is a go!



November 05, 2015 — jacquelyn scofield

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