Sarah Mac


Hey! Mac here. Welcome to Weekend Edition, March 15th. It's been a big week around Oiselle HQ. We had our VP of Sales, Christy Slye, in for the week. And also welcomed a new member to the Oiselle family.

1. Vicki Huber Rudawsky joined the Oiselle family as our rep in PA, DE, VA, WV, MD, NJ, District of Columbia. Is there a name for that corner of the country? Vicki is a two time Olympian, mama, and one of the vibrant glowing people I've ever met. Get to know Vicki by reading Lesko's welcome blog. 

vicki huber.jpg

2. A new event this May combines a public 5k and 10k road race AND a 5 event professional track meet. Is this the key to connecting the weekend warrior to their sport in a bigger way? Check out FloTrack's excited analysis of the event (we totally need to incorporate more soccer ball palming in our videos) and the official Re:RUN San Diego site.

3. The Oiselle Bra collection arrived! Read the reviews from a couple of our favorite Sarahs: Sarah Oual reviewed the Strappy Bra and High 10 and Sarah Lesko test drove the Strappy Bra and her namesake, the Lesko Bra. And don't worry if you looking for creative ways to upcycle your old bras, we have your covered: doggie vest anyone?

4. Google Reader is slated for extinction. Interesting. Will they rethink it based on the petition? Are they cooking up something new? Is it all part of the bigger plot to get everyone on Google+? Insert plug to check out Oiselle's Google+ page. *wink, nudge* What will you be switching to? Or did you already make the leap?

5. Bust out your green compression socks, Salty Running gives us the top 5 reasons to run a St. Patty's Day race.

6. Exclusive Kate Grace interview on CTolleRun to talk indoors, European Circuit and more. Be sure to watch to the end, the blooper reel is hysterical.

7. Sally and Lesko are on an adventure in Bend visiting beautiful mama-to-be, Lauren Fleshman. Follow along on Twitter for all the fun.


What's shaking in your world? Racing this weekend? May the luck of the Irish be with you...