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It’s 5:45 am and we’re standing amidst rabbit holes in a field on San Juan Island. The athletes in our photoshoot are doing some laps along the trails to warm up, and suddenly, the scenery stops my heart mid-beat. These women, dressed in the colors of the new fall collection, are wearing the sunrise. It’s an absolutely breathtaking sight.


As employees of HQ, we’ve had a bit more time with the line. We’ve been given the gift of seeing these styles hanging on the racks within our office. We’ve gotten to wear test them out in the world. And we’ve seen how they look and perform in the great outdoors. One of my favorite qualities of the Eclipse collection is how the colors call to be worn in the natural world. Somehow, the already stunning colors are even brighter, bolder, wilder in these landscapes. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are some of our favorite color combinations from the Fall Collection.


Wear the sunrise as the morning sky rises. Some of our favorite items are the Hi Ten Bra in Ember paired with our Flyout Shorts in Slate. The Flyout Short Sleeve in Slate with any Ember bottoms (New Jogging Tights, Aero Tights, Aero Capris) are equally stunning.


Bright and punchy. Made for a blue summer sky, but easily complements the reds, yellows, and greens of changing foliage. Roga Shorts in Snap and the Luxie Tank in White Slay Stripe are a combo worn often at the Nest.


Let me sing the blues — these colors are subtle, sophisticated, and oh so interesting. The design team wanted a new take on navy blue this fall and Curfew certainly delivers, especially with the beautiful sheen of the fabric’s finish. The brightness of Tide and reflectivity in the Curfew Paintbrush Print make this  a great combo for larks and our owls alike. Some favorites include the Lux Satellite Tank in Tide with the KC Knickers in Curfew Reflective Paintbrush, as well as the Verrazano Bra in Tide with New Stride Shorts in Curfew.


Woman on fire, you wear those flames like the ones you stoke within. Ember Aero Tights with our Verrazano Bra in Snap are a winning look, as well as our Heather Ember Homerun Half Zip with Snap Rogas on the bottom. I believe that somewhere, Daenerys is running in this combo.


Rounding out Big Blue with hints of Tide and Black is one of our favorite styling moves this season. Bonus - Burgen works well in here too. Big Blue New Jogging Tights, our Verrazano Bra in Burgen, and a Tide Lux Satellite Tank — finished with a new Runner Trucker is a trail combo we can’t resist.

We can’t wait to see how you’re wearing the Eclipse collection! Post your pictures in Twitter and Instagram with #Flystyle to share your favorite looks and combinations.

Head Up, Wings Out!



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