The world is upside down right now. But running is not cancelled. And as runners, we know you're also finding creative, interesting, persistent ways to get some exercise. Heck, it might not even be running. Maybe it's yoga, strength, pilates, or stretching. Maybe it's running around the block, on the treadmill, with your kids, or around the house. Whatever it looks like, we salute you!

Let's keep moving!

  • Every Thursday, we're getting together for Virtual Flight Club
  • Please join us! Tag @oiselle, and your photo or IG story with #VirtualFlightClub
  • We'll be sharing your posts in our IG Stories every Thursday

From The Nest to our big, beautiful community: keep running + flying. We'll get through this together.

March 25, 2020 — Hazel Carr
Tags: Social


Tiffany Lance said:

So grateful for this team! Thank you Sally <3

Maurine Cole said:

This is awesome, what a great way to connect. See you next Thursday!

Alicia Amaro said:

Thank you!

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