Last weekend we brought our track fan A-game to Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, CA where the USATF Outdoor Championships took place. While you followed along on Instagram and Twitter (yes, #birdsac happened), we witnessed unbelievably talented athletes charge past finish line after finish line with grit and grace. It was another epic weekend at Nationals with many events that will not be forgotten... 


Tweet-ups, meet-ups, group runs and Elliptigo supporting non-running training!

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Photo by Phil Bond.

The women's 800m showed the awesome depth of the USA mid-distance field.


Watching Alysia Montano crush an 800m in 2:32 while 34 weeks pregnant! That's woman power. 


The stress chicken is a necessary track accessory. Other thoughts...a trackside stand selling butt pads and sunscreen would make a mint. 


As we already know, Lauren Fleshman loves her fans.


Unbelievable finishes! Down to the wire, the women's 5K and 10K brought us to tears (and screams) Sadly, no one else will be able to enjoy the soundtrack of crazy screaming from the video finish of the women's 5K and 10K (videos of the meet not allowed).


Britney Henry in the Hammer Throw is unbelievable to watch. Intense power matched with precision. 


Oiselle Swim was on the track! The Rizzo made its racing debut, and Kate Grace rocked it. 


Runners are the most hilarious partiers...all that hard work means some serious steam to blow off. We learned Oiselle has some major practicing to do for our Brooks v Oiselle karaoke contest in the fall.

Believing in a united sport, where we are all American Runners.


And finally, cheering on our own Oiselle flock makes the meet that much more special. Thanks to Britney HenryAmanda Mergaert, Amanda Winslow, Lauren Penney, Lauren Wallace, Kate Grace, Jordan Hamric, Kara Foster, and Meghan Rolland for deepening our love of the sport. 


July 01, 2014 — jacquelyn scofield

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