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We put a call out to the runners – whether it’s running until your watch hits exactly .00, or being a brunch connoisseur… we wanted to know, what’s your #itsarunnerthing. 

Here's to the tweets that make us feel a little less weird, and a little less alone,

1. When you see someone out running but you haven’t gotten your run in yet and you’re filled with run envy. - @oiselle_sally

2. Having 100 pairs of black tights that look almost identical but no, those aren’t the ones I’m looking for... - @AMooreRD

3. Feeling oddly satisfied when that black toenail finally falls off - @dalvarad


- @alijsch

5. Convincing every person you know to start running (I swear, all you need is sneakers, just try it!) So far, my 62 year-old mother and anti-running husband. - @katiebutnot

6. Calling 5AM track workouts your "happy hour." - @imdamnirony

7. Knowing exactly how far it is from your house to the stoplight, gas station, big tree, corner store, big hill, etc. - @RunWineOpine

8. Uses jigsaw as a massage tool - @cain.joh

9. When your friends don’t recognize you because you aren’t wearing your running clothes (for once, lol) – @UltraRunFamily

10. When you ALWAYS drink warm water/tea/coffee prior to every run to make sure you poop first - @achasembiring

11. 4 loads of laundry per week for two people - @mkeys724

12. Giving up all heels and replacing with comfy flats bc your calves and ankles can’t be tired for your workout later.  - @JessicaLynn724

13. Spending WAY more on running apparel than on work apparel... and trying to figure out how the running items can be worn to work.

14. Best part of long runs? Pre-planned post long run loungewear, stretching in the shower and outside showers in the summer. - @pjrunnermom

15. Knowing aaaalllllll the public toilets around your route by memory, including opening/closing times and seasonality... and having a couple favorites! - @dalvarad

16. Shoes for everyday runs, trail runs, long runs, race day, cross training, snowy runs, work days and “dressy” days. – SueZeeEff

17. Running a mile while you’re in labor so you can say you ran the day your son was born. - @katieallenclark

18. When you sacrifice washing your hair for another day of dry shampoo in order to hit your mileage for the day - @ashcantski

19. Going to bed in your running clothes to make the early morning, before sunrise run just a wee bit easier. - @ForLoveOfTheRun

20. Watching the New York and Boston marathons like some people watch the Super Bowl - @arjhenson

Yes to all of it. Keep claiming your #itsarunnerthing with pride!



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