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“I’ve done everything I can to get the team ready. I’ve done everything I can think of to avoid getting a cramp. Now relax and go have fun doing what you love!” - Lauren


"My body remembers how to do this. My brain remembers how to do this." - Collier



"Oh cross country, my old friend, we meet again! It’s been a little while since I’ve been a seriously competitive cross country runner, but I figured why not go for it!" - Rebecca


"Every so often, I feel like a little piece of my puzzle goes into place. Pieces that were removed years ago that I've been working on finding again... I can't always say the exact moment that it happens, but I'll realize that something has clicked in my training, and it's a good thing..." - Mel


"There was a stillness in the air, just after the start, that was filled with only the sound of hundreds of feet tromping and spiking the ground, propelling their way to the first turn. I like to call it the eye of the storm- you're complete surrounded by chaos but occasionally you find yourself immersed in an eerie but comforting calm..." - Collier


"I kept saying “just run in your own groove and work up through the field.” - Lauren


"Everything was very nostalgic across all the senses. This was my first cross country meet since college - so it was a constant wave of figuring things out again and being absolutely delighted. The nerves were still there, so that was good! And as the gun went off, I instinctively thought "elbows out!" - Carrie


"It’s always somewhat terrifying lining up against some of the most elite athletes in our sport. This is not your local 5k! But it’s also such an honor to race in a field with so much talent." - Cathleen


"I recognize not very long into the race, it’s not my best day physically. When Lauren passed me around mile 3, it jolted me back into the race mentally. I remember thinking, it’s a team effort, I need to finish this for my Little Wing teammates. Buck up!" - Rebecca



"I felt like I was in a continual loop of being overwhelmed and in complete awe of the rest of the team. I knew Mel was racing well, because they kept announcing her as being in the lead pack. Lauren got off the line like the gritty b!tch she is and didn't look back. Rebecca was completely out of sight the entire time. I got to watch Collier up ahead and on the turns - racing strong and happy. What a joy to be a part of it all." - Carrie


"Oiselle has created an awesome community of women, so not matter how your day goes, the race is over in under 30 minutes and you’ll be showered with hugs and high fives from teammates." - Cathleen 


Kayla Boyles, Oiselle Volée


Jess Graham, Oiselle Volée


Wendi Hawley, Oiselle Volée


Emily Brain, Oiselle Volée


"A few days before the race I told Collier and Matt that I felt like something was happening in my training. Something with my fitness. And it scared me. But it was good. So leading into the race I felt surprisingly confident and calm. More so than I have in a really long time. I know this won't always be the case, but I'm going to keep rolling with the calm confidence that is going on in my head and body right now." - Mel


Sammy George, Haute Volée



“I love this team! I love cross country! And I’m proud of myself for embracing this new stage of my running and being positive and going for it!” - Lauren



Congratulations to Mel on a 3rd place podium finish and to Team Little Wing on their 6th place overall team finish! And now is the best time to announce that Carrie Mack has officially joined Team Little Wing! Can't wait to watch you fly, Carrie! 

Head up wings out, gritty b!tches! 

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