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Thinking Outside the Shoebox: Kara + Skechers Deal Announced

May 05, 2014



Today Runner’s World announced Kara’s new shoe sponsorship with Skechers

Wait Skechers? 

That was my reaction back in January when we first started talking to Kara. She gave us the run down of the shoe companies she was meeting with, I thought, Huh. Not negative, not positive, just neutral. A mass market brand for mass market feet.

And then I remembered the 2012 Marathon trials and how Meb totally schooled everyone after signing with Skechers, winning the race and making the Olympic Team. And remember his amazing interview after? With tears and happiness, he talked about the personal blow of being dumped by Nike…his self-doubts, and then his determination to keep going. Incredible.

Fast forward to Boston this year when I got to meet the Skechers team in person. And this is what I saw: a small group of people looking to do something new. A pure interest in the sport. And a willingness to think creatively about apparel + shoes; something we haven’t seen from any other shoe brand.

The next day Meb wins Boston. BOOM. As the four of us crouched around a laptop, screaming at the top of our lungs, it dawned on me that Meb was pushing Skechers to a pace and a place the brand had never seen before, and how beautiful that was. It’s exactly the same feeling I had when we signed Goucher, and Fleshman, and all the athletes who we believe will be the face of elite running…that having them in our constellation created a story that transcends product. An emotional arc. Something greater than the sum of the parts.

As far as the collaboration goes, Kara will train and race in 100% Oiselle apparel. But look for a special kit of Oiselle styles with a Skechers/Oiselle logo lock-up that she'll wear within Skechers advertising and marketing.

Pushing limits. Partnering brands. Lifting as you rise…this is the true spirit of our sport! And Oiselle is honored to be a part of it. Congrats Kara. Congrats Skechers. Let’s do this!



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