We are taking our partnership to a whole new level - taking matters into our own hands like driven women tend to do. Because while it’s no secret that Janji knows adventure running and water, Oiselle will always be focused on what we do best - designing great products for women athletes. Taking our creative energy into this unfound territory, we were pointed in one clear direction - The Oianji Hydration Bra, (pronounced "wan-jee") where breasts and hydration collide.

Gone are the days of over-engineered eight-point harness systems, with their excessive straps and confusing clips. The Oianji is a more tasteful alternative to the hydration pack. You can wear it under any shirt or tank, or wear it on its own for all to see - just like any other sports bra!

Each Oianji comes with two removable bladder cups (available in 8 or 16 oz sizes) which can be filled with the sustaining drink of your choice and placed inside the bra instead of your standard bra cups. Water, Nuun, chocolate milk, Dr. Pepper - you do you; this hydration bra won’t judge.

For the most secure placement, the straws extend along the center of the chest, preventing uni-boob while being in direct alignment with your mouth. Done quenching your thirst and don’t want straws chaotically bouncing and grazing your chin? Our collapsible straws allow you to easily tuck them away after use, effortlessly flipping between sip and stow.

After rigorous field research and testing, the feedback was unanimous: this is the next game-changing technology in running. Compared to leading hydration packs and vests, the Oianji is lighter, easier to use, and provides the most tailored hydration experience.


“With the Oianji, Oiselle has me feeling closer to the freedom of flight than ever before! Only one top layer required and I have all the fuel I need.”


“The Oianji squeeze feature is revolutionary! I haven’t felt this much relief squeezing my boobs since the postpartum days of hand expressing.”


“After running in the Oianji, my hydration vests are a thing of the past. The straws are perfectly positioned in the sanctuary of my cleavage, easily accessible but never in the way. The fit of the bra is so comfortable, I forget the bladder cups are even there!”


And the innovation won’t stop there. We've got much more in store for the Oianji. More product accessories to follow - and launching soon! Subscribe here for early access! This partnership has only just begun and this is merely a splash of what's to come.

There you have it, the first of its kind! Fill up your cups, tuck them in your bra, and let the miles fly by! Because even though we are in our new chapter of partnership and togetherness, we will always be focused on designing products that help women run free. After all, these innovative products of the past are what helped get us to where we are today.

April 01, 2023 — Hannah Calvert
Tags: Style

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