The Top Ten Thoughts You Will Have at Mile 20

Apr 20, 2012


Dave invited Sally back on to the Late Show after her "Top Ten Things You Never, Ever Want to Hear from a Competitor Before the Start of a Race..." became one of the most searched YouTube clips in Late Show history...

The Top Ten Thoughts You Will Have at Mile 20

10. Toenails are really nice to have. 

9. That someone MUST be playing a cruel trick on you and moving the mile markers further and further apart.

8. People have stopped cheering, "You look great!"

7. Rosie Ruiz was on to something.

6. Do pay phones still exist?

5. Chuck Norris never ran a marathon because dude is brilliant. 

4. Oprah never ran a second marathon because...hello? 

3. I think I've officially reached "toddler" pace. 

2. This "on-foot" thing totally blows...  

Cue the David Letterman voice: “And the number one thing ladies and gentleman that you start to notice at mile 20...”

1. If I lived here, I'd be home by now. 



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