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A couple of weeks ago I was walking by the gym across the street from the Oiselle HQ and as I glanced through the window, I saw a team member running on the treadmill. I had never met her before but I could tell she was on the Volée because she was wearing our team singlet. I popped in the gym and introduced myself after she stepped off the treadmill. She told me she had a really hard workout and decided to wear the singlet because she needed all the strength and power she had to crush it. As I walked away, I started thinking about the Volée singlet and the strength it gives us in moments of vulnerability.


Our team singlet gives us power in racing, but also power to go out into the world and channel the best versions of ourselves. 

So we asked the Volée...

"Outside of racing, where have you worn your singlet?"


Meredith Mikell
“On my first run back from a month-long rest due to injury, right after I became a Volée member, I wore my singlet to run three times in a circle around my townhome complex. It was the first time I wore the singlet, and felt like it represented the new wings that carried me out of injury and into a new chapter in my running life. When a race starts to feel tough, the singlet brings me back to that moment and I feel like a phoenix flying up out of the ashes!”

Chelsea Steiner
“I received my singlet right before I was diagnosed with cancer this past summer. After learning I had a tumor growing close to my heart and being unsure if I was allowed to run, I put on my brand new singlet to hike a long hill by my house while I sorted thoughts on how to pull from my strength as a runner, set my head for what was in store and think about post-cancer running dreams. I love the picture of myself I took that day; I look happy and strong.”


Courtney Vigrass
“I wear my singlet under my hockey gear! It's made me feel comfortable, completely badass, and when playing with the guys I know not a one of them has one like it!”

Beth Theule
“I wore it on my treadmill in my room for a training run a few weeks ago. I'm not the size I was when I first got the singlet, and I wanted to show myself that I need to love my body with where it is right now, and not where I want to be. While my journey to get my health back is constant, loving the process and myself throughout the journey is just as important. I felt like a rock star, even though I was by myself, on my treadmill, l in my room!”


Kim Bissell
“I initially only wore my singlet when racing and then I started wearing it on my home spin bike because I figured I would not get busted for wearing it there. But, after seeing so many strong, fierce women with their at different races and places, I decided to follow the lead and wear it on long training runs, on trail runs and even the treadmill. I have read so much about the magic of the singlet and thought, magic can happen anywhere; why not?”

Kristin Okinaka
“The week before Eugene Marathon last year, I wore my singlet for my last "long run". Yes, I wanted to "test it out" before racing in it for the first time, but I also wanted to feel strong on my last long run before my big goal race of the year. I felt strong and at ease during those 8 miles that transferred into being strong (and sort of) at ease on race day. I may have not hit my goal time, but I fought 'til the bitter end of that race and PR'd. Trust in your training and let the singlet add a little magic!”


Daniela Alvarado
“I'm a junior lawyer at a big law firm in NYC and my job is high-pressure and very demanding, hours-wise. It's not easy to juggle building my career with training to meet big running goals, but running gives me the release I need to manage stress so I make time for it however I can. Luckily, I work a few blocks from Central Park in New York City, where I do 90% of my training and often run races. That night I was on my way out the door to do a warm up jog before a 5k the week of a big closing and had just changed into my singlet. As I was lacing on my shoes, I got a phone call from a client with an important question. Being able to answer competently at that moment made me feel like Clark Kent just as he's changed into his Super Man gear. My co-worker was there to witness that moment as I was smiling and explaining the issue in detail. Suddenly, it was like my true self was exposed in a usually very straight-laced environment, but this was a good thing. I think it helped me be a better communicator to my client. A few moments later, I ran a big 5k PR. Great day.”


Pamela Jock
“I wear my singlet for hard speed workouts, and pretty much for every time the schedule calls for 10 Yasso 800's with a Tag. The Oiselle Team singlet reminds me to dig deep and kill that last set ... And the no holds barred 400!”

Keely Grand
“We were visiting my family for the holiday and I brought and wore my singlet because it was the first time, since 2014 Boston Marathon, that I was actually feeling strong and not injured. Also, I finally had non-rushed, go-as-long-as-I-want- runs away from work, mommyhood, everything. I wore it to feel the bird strength and maybe even meet a new bird along the way.”


Lisa Holt
“I've worn it several times for what I view really tough workouts. I think of what it stands for, I think of empowering women, I think of its confidence and I think of being grateful for being part of the team. Always crushed the workouts.”


Joyce Adams
“I wore my singlet to cheer at the Walt Disney World Marathon this year. It made me feel powerful, because I knew that my fellow birdies would see me and know WHY I was cheering especially loudly for them (of course, I cheer for else...but when I saw a bird, it involved a lot more jumping up and down). Several of them told me later that it meant a lot to see me there and really helped them push on through that last 7 miles.”


Nikki Baca Smith
“I had been having stressful weeks at work and the day I was having a review, I actually decided to run to work. I live only 3.5 miles away, and wore my singlet and I kept it on under my work shirt. It gave me luck for the day and made me confident.. I had wings.”


Jess Crawford
“I've worn my singlet occasionally on runs where I want to feel like a badass (or just feel warm and fuzzy and part of a team). I keep it on a hanger pegged to the wall near my bed as inspiration/motivation!”


Stephanie Wisniewski
“I wore my singlet out on the trails the day I received it in the mail. With my training for my upcoming 15k race, I needed elevation on my legs so I took it for a spin on a really short but incredibly steep trail. It gave me courage and strong legs that day. Once I put it on and took it up the mountain, I couldn't wait to wear it on race day. Head up, wings out!”



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