Something's happening.

It might be a little hard to see...after all the world is a noisy place. 

But something is definitely happening. 


Sports bras, bralettes, even structured bralettes for bigger cup sizes, are trending hot. Less structure, more softness, new types of engineering and fit and adjustability.

There are many women at Oiselle who wear the Ballard, the Team Bra, and Spandos Racerback on the daily.

Women are stepping up and out of heels: High Heels are the Worst and Women are Finally Ditching. Sneakers, flats, and boots, and - hello Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph - slippers, are on the Academy Awards red carpet.

927317814_tiffany-haddish-maya-rudolph-zoom.jpgPC: US Weekly

Retro sport style is holding strong! From Rihanna and Gucci to Louis Vuitton, the fashion world dabbles in the look that is our lifestyle. Chances are the fashion world will move on (but they'll never forget the comfort of their spandex!)

hbz-the-list-2018-8-gettyimages-845442028-1513003261.jpgPC: Getty Images

At the same time, back in the real world of sports participation among girls, those numbers continue to rise every year - meaning more and more girls learn to appreciate their bodies as athletes first. And once you've been to the mountain top of form + function, it's pretty hard to settle for painful clothing and shoes.

Comfort, breathability, function, design, innovation -- that, oh by the way (and this is big), isn't void of style. Truth be told, for women, this is our holy grail. And the market is game! Pain leads to innovation leads to change. And I don't know a woman on this planet who doesn't look forward to the moment she can take off her high heels or her uncomfortable, ill-fitting, traditional, lingerie style bra.

Something's definitely happening. We're calling out the tyranny of painful women's fashion.... as we head out the door for a run!


Allyson Ely