Megan Murray

We’ve all been there. Staring at a closet stuffed to the brim with clothes you just might wear, but never seem to work into your routine. Gaze locked on your options as you weigh distance, climate, and style; trying to make a decision about what to put on next. Minutes pass, slicing away at time that could’ve been spent in the miles. Or worse, you choose wrong, and find yourself distracted from the flow of your workout to instead focus on the feeling of an uncomfortable outfit. For a sport that’s so beautifully, radically simple - we sure can get caught up in the choices presented by our clothing.


If the mostly-black monodrobe didn’t give it away, I’m not a huge fan of choice. As a person who makes decisions for a living, I’m painfully aware of how decision-making works like a muscle in your mind - fatiguing throughout the day as you exercise choice in different situations. Every minute I spend choosing my clothing in the morning is a minute I’m not spending running. Or worse, a decision I’m making less-well later in the day.


But while I’m not a fan of choice - I deeply respect it. I know the clothes we wear shape how we feel, and ultimately, how we behave. So I decided to sit down with our lead designer and CEO, Sally Bergesen, and our muse and pro, Lauren Fleshman, to make one decision to rule them all - a simplified running wardrobe that covers most climates, conditions, and distances. The more you know, the less you need. From that insight, our essentials collection was born.


Why an essentials collection? We believe anyone can have a comprehensive running wardrobe in just 16 items. Yep - 16 items. Whether you’re new to running, looking to improve the quality of your running wardrobe, or hoping to hone in on a more considered collection of styles - the essentials are here to simplify the components of a technical and versatile running wardrobe.



Begin with a really great bra - The Verrazanoand Gifted Verrazano

tank that beats the heat - The Flyout Tank

technical top that transitions from treadmill to trail - The Flyout Short Sleeve

versatile tee for the run or rumble - The Lux Raglan Short Sleeve

lightweight longsleeve that keeps you comfortable - The Flyte Long Sleeve

high performing base layer - Wazzie Wool Base Layer

One short to rule them all - The Roga Short  

Whether you’re a Mac, Regular, Long, or Toolbelt kinda gal, the Roga is the perfect everyday short for running in most climates.

pocket-loving jogger The Pocket Jogger

not so basic, basic tight - The Aero Tights

The ultimate running jacket - The Vim Jacket

Lightweight warmth that's run-ready - The Quill Vest

A little more puff for those colder days The Quill Jacket

high vis accessory that looks great any time of day - The Lightning Layer

technical cap that’s washablepackableand reflective - The Mesh Cap

pair gloves as durable as they are soft - The Powerstretch Gloves

warm and soft beanie to help you superfan in style - The Cashmere Beanie


These 16 styles work just as hard as you do. They’re made to layer, covering almost any climate or condition. They’re perfect for transitioning across run and rumble environments (with gratitude, you may retire your thinning cotton leggings and replace them with ultra-flattering aero tights). And most importantly, they’re premium styles built to last, that look as good as they feel.

A simplified wardrobe that keeps you looking, feeling, running strong? That’s about as essential as it gets.

Head Up, Wings Out!