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With over 100 of our Volée teammates planning on racing at the Anthem Richmond Marathon, America’s Friendliest Marathon is about to get whole lot louder. Can you say more cowbell?! With a fairly flat, fast course and perfect predicted weather conditions, there is bound to be a lot to celebrate! Local Volée Leader, Katelyn Temple, shares the scoop on where to celebrate and recover like a champ.

After a day of great racing, cheering and cowbelling, join Volée teammates for happy hour at District 5 on Saturday afternoon. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new team members and celebrate! In addition to a fun evening with friends and 48 beers on tap (yes, 48!), you’ll be able to see (and try on!) the latest Oiselle Fall collection!


We all know food is the most important part of recovery, and the Richmond food scene will not disappoint! For breakfast on Sunday, start filling in that calorie deficit with a visit  Sugar Shack Donuts and Early Bird Biscuit – both local favorites!

If you can get a table and have the patience to wait, Stella’s is must! The food is incredible and it’s a Richmond staple we all love. Other great dinner options include Sabai and Wong Gonzolez.  Another popular place to indulge is Proper Pie Co., serving up New Zealand style pies. For a sweet treat, the local Richmond Volée love going to Shyndigz to celebrate their racing accomplishments.


If you’re looking to “rehydrate”, Richmond has plenty of breweries to choose from! If you go to Scott’s Addition, you’ll have the chance to sample drinks at a variety of breweries and cideries (all without having to walk too far!). You can’t go wrong, but some favorites in the area include The Veil Brewing Co. , Ardent Craft Ales, and Buskey Cider.


For active recovery, a visit to explore the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a must. In addition to the spectacular art galleries, VMFA has great dining. If you’re looking for some outdoor activities, Maymont is gorgeous this time of year. For those seeking trails, we take great pride in our local trail system, so if your legs are up to it, please do some exploring!   


Hope to see you in Richmond!

Head up wings out,



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