You know what's tenacious? A honey badger. 

As immortalized in Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger, they don't quit ("Look at the honey runs all over the place, it's pretty badass.") They run around willy nilly fighting jackals, invading beehives, and eating cobras like no big deal. Badgers don't care about people either. When a badger sees a car coming down the road, they make themselves big and get ready to fight the car.

Runners are tenacious too. We have to fight cars on occasion, and we have to dig and claw and bite our way through tough situations. And while you know the Oiselle aesthetic is all about the beauty of flight - we also design clothes to fight the elements, the clock, and even your own inertia.

Three fabrics/styles that WIN at being tenacious include:



1. Vim and Vigor. The featherweight mini-ripstop - found in the Vim Jacket and Vigor Vest. We call these styles out a lot because they're loved a lot. Beyond their rain repellency, what's less known is that this fabric can fully resist wind up to 50mph. It's also extremely quick drying and resistant to tearing. Add the reflectivity and pack-up pouch, and this is one of our all time fave tenacious styles, so tenacious it was able to take on Emily's 23 mile snowy run.


2. Roga. The fabric used in our iconic Roga shorts is different. It has an incredibly high amount of spandex, which means way more stretch than most shorts. But as a stretch woven, it also has body. Just enough to make it the looks-great, bounces-back, washes-easy, runs-hard shorts that can go from high mileage to the High Sierras. Just as Nicole Antoinette who walked hundreds of miles in her Long Rogas along the PCT. The Roga is always ready, always tenacious!


3. Nyelle™ Compression. A compressive fabric that isn't slick or shiny or overly tight. Nyelle is deceptively tenacious. Deceptive because it's a fabric that has a hand more like cotton - but with all the chops of a true performance textile. Run, wear, wash, dry, repeat - over and over. Nyelle just gets softer and more comfortable with every wear. And proof that even when you're fabric is tenacious - it can still feel and look tremendous.

For more information about our hard working, good looking fabrics, go here.

Then go give ‘em hell like honey badger!



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