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As a running company we had a very official job to do today - watch the Boston Marathon.

This is a re-telling of our emotional journey as we watched the 33-year American drought come to an end. 

Here we are after seeing the footage of heavy winds, far too much rain, and a possible river forming in the road.

And here we are trying to stay positive for the runners pretending everything is fine. Rain? What rain? 

And here is an example of teamwork almost as impressive as Desi slowing down to work with Shalane. Keyword “almost” as in not even close, but still fun.

And here we are getting slightly stressed as we see Mamitu Daska of Ethiopia start to gain a solid lead. But it’s the marathon and we know the journey is far from over. Desi is still in it. We remain hopeful, because she’s a beast. A well-known proven fact. Everyone be cool, BE COOL.

And here is a very dramatic, and embellished, reenactment of Desi grinding her way to the lead.

And HERE we see Desi make her move to take the lead! Our excitement CANNOT be contained, not like we would even try to contain it in the first place.

And here we have another dramatic reenactment. This time it’s of Ryan Linden watching his wife, a strong marathon queen, come down the homestretch to win the freaking Boston Marathon. 

And here we are in front of the T.V. as Desi crossed the finish line making it extremely official that she won the Boston Marathon and is a well-rounded-grade-A-badass. 

And here we are after looking at the results and seeing that 7 of the top 8 female finishers were American. 

Aaahhh it's a good day to be a woman runner. 


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