We are opening a limited number of new team spots, one day only, on Friday, July 31st at 9am PST.

The backstory: Last year we introduced The Flock and were blown away by the interest. Thanks to all of you -- our community! We’ve met so many amazing women athletes from all over the world and received interest from many more. As of now, we have all 50 states represented, and some international team members. We feel we are just scratching the surface of what this community can be.

Beyond product or a singlet, the most powerful benefit we’ve heard that members love is that it’s helped them forge new connections. New long run groups. New running friends. New races, relays, and of course – post run celebrations. And for us, that’s the beauty, and the part that we want to keep fueling. Why? Because running is not just another way to stay healthy, but also a way of life - a way to feel more connected. Running is friendship with magic and meaning. With or without Oiselle, that will always be the case. But if our team can in any way help foster those friendships, we want to make it happen.


Fun meet-up photo from Laura and team in California.

As the team grows, one of our big goals is more unity. The best way to do that is to eliminate some of the levels of membership that have been created over the years and simplify under a single team name. We’ve decided that umbrella name/community will be our beloved “Volée”, which is simply French for “flock”. This means all previous Flock and Volée members will now be under one team name, Volée, and we will ALL be #oiselleteam.


Birds flying fast at the Eugene Marathon. Photo from Sarah.

Among our current Volée, some team members have told us they want to do more. Like last year, a group of them will be designated team leaders in different regions throughout the country. The leader of the leaders is our very own Heather Stephens (aka “Feather”)! Amazing runner, coach, Oiselle employee, and all around amazing person - I’m so happy to have her leading our Volée.


Tara Caudle ran a 40 second PR and finished 3rd at the RRCA National Championship Go Mile. Post race celebration with Haute Volee Teammate, Christy Cazzola

These team leaders will do more on a regional level. From organizing meet-ups to helping share info and events from us here at The Nest, team leaders will strengthen our bond. A huge thank you to these women who take the time out of their busy schedules to get more involved!


Left: Wendy Heatherington looking AWESOME at mile 18 of the LA Marathon. Right: Brandi Lemperes-Swortz earned a marathon PR and a BQ 3:41 at the Tunnel Lite marathon!

*How We Communicate & Connect
We currently use email, Facebook and Strava as our main platforms for communicating. However, most team members also connect through several other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, etc. All of these tools are evolving, and we are too! We’re always looking for new ways to connect, share stories and keep up with each other - even when we might be separated by many miles.


Powerhouse of our emerging athletes, Haute Volée.

*Costs and Benefits

  • Annual $100 Membership Dues
  • Free Shipping on all orders (USA only)
  • Oiselle Team racing singlet
  • Oiselle Spike Bag
  • $20 towards any one pair of running bottoms of your choice
  • $25 towards the Emerging Athlete Fund (this fund contributes towards how we support our emerging elite athletes)
  • Invites to team meet-ups and Oiselle events
  • Exclusive offers throughout the year (you never know what you might get…! For example, this year we are mailing a copy of our newly printed team manifesto to all team members. Stay tuned for more to come!)

Next step, if you haven't done so already, subscribe to hear first when we will open on July 31st. I’m so excited for the new formation of Volée to take flight. Head Up, Wings Out!


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