A year ago, we were planning Fleshman's baby shower. This year, she took Jude, Steph Rothstein, and Steph's baby bump to Australia to run her first post-baby 5000m at the Sydney Track Classic. With an opening mile of 4:50 something (DYAM!) the race went out hard, but our Homeboy hero showed her talent and grit, clocking a solid sub-16 minute opener. Despite poop Internet connection and a 12 hour time difference, I finally caught up with her for a quick post-race recap:

What three words would you use to describe Australia?
Loose, flowy, burger


Favorite Aussie word or phrase?
Crack the shits (lose your cool).

International flight with a baby. Thumbs up or down?
Is this a trick question?

Does Jude eat kiwis now?
No, but he appreciates their fine wool.

What's Steph's most notable prego lady activity?
Doubling in size in 2 weeks. And fetal acrobatics.

Three words to describe your mindset before the race.
Silver Linings Playbook

Pre-Race 200m Strides, Post race smiling at Jude

We assume yes, but did you win the lactation division in your race?
Eloise Wellings got me, who has a 10 month old. But she told me she ran 16:14 when India was nine months, so I kinda won if you cross the time space continuum.

Any new realizations about the 5000m now that you're a mom?
15 minutes is a long time for uninterrupted concentration.

15:53 as a first race back is badass. Are you feeling good about it?
Logically, yes. Deep down, less so.

If you could bring one thing back to the US from down under, what would it be?
Breakfast. All of it.



What race is next for you?! The Fleshmaniacs are restless.
I wanna get hit the roads a bit. I'm looking at the Las Vegas 5k on May 10th.