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So, you’re a heavy sweater…

Well, have we got a secret for you. This confession is one of the most common things we hear from runfriends shopping at the Oiselle store. Often spoken at a whisper, with eyes darting about the occupied area, being a heavy sweater feels like one of those secrets we all have, but never share.


At the Nest, we have a deep appreciation for the stylish symbols of the work. Garmin tan? Yup. Dirty calves? Sign us up. And sweat is no different. Wringing out a sweat soaked shirt is a proud moment at the Nest. But there are times when being sweat drenched is well… suboptimal. In the middle of a big presentation at work? Not so much. In line at airport security? No thank you. Family photos? Not ideal.

Sweating is normal. And heavy sweating is more common than you’d think. So in the spirit of summer, we wanted to put together a guide for how to sweat hard and look awesome. We call it - "Style Advice For The Sweaty".

Here are our top picks for sweat friendly summer styles!



Summer Rogas - The summer edition of the Roga Shorts you know and love. With a new, lightweight stretch woven and a roomier fit - this style stays breezy by keeping airflow high. Bonus, they’re super flattering.

Flyout Shorts - Inspired by the dynamic movements of trail running, and put to the test by Team Birdstrike in Death Valley - these shorts were made for your longest, sweatiest run. Pro tip - pair the Coast color way with a White Volée singlet for a stunning starting line style.



Flyout Long Sleeve - While this may be a surprising pick for summer - trust us - this is one of our hot weather staples. Looks like a long sleeve, feels like a tank top. Our Flyout™ fabric with HoverFit™ technology is so lightweight, and uniquely knit, that it hovers above your body - easily managing the movement and evaporation of sweat. This means that it feels like a cloud but wears like a protective shield. Perfect if you ever need to run with a pack, or if you’re craving some extra protection from the elements.



Ziggy Tank - Places you can wear the ziggy tank: road, track, trail, sunday brunch with jeans, date night with a skirt, under a blazer with trousers for a power presentation with a pop of color. Seriously… this style breathes like a champ and looks stunning the whole way. Plus it’s washer dryer friendly because duh. This thing is made for a life with sweat.

Mio Mesh Dress - A dress made from athletic mesh. The result is the easiest, simplest, most ready to roll dress ever made. It can go solo, with sandals or flip flops, but also easy to throw on over workout clothes and leggings. Dress-up!



Pleat Tank - Sweat-friendly meets stylish - this colorful item is a season winner. Partly because the fabric, our Plya™ Veil is what we call "pretty tough" (beautiful AND durable), and partly because the simplicity of the silhouette is made totally unique by the soft draping of subtle pleats. And yes, softness reigns. It's the garment that feels like a cloud, fits like a dream.

Go Tank - There’s a reason this classic shows up season after season - it’s made for the hottest run, sweatiest spin session, and clammiest climates. The Go-Tank’s high airflow technical fabric and fun colors mean it works as a layering piece in hot weather too. Yes, you can have it all!

Spring Wazzie Wool Racerback Tank - Don’t let the racerback’s Spring title fool you - this wool is summer-sweat-ready. The difference is that it's lighter weight than our original Wazzie, thanks to a bit of nylon. But it's every bit as durable, soft, washable. Add the performance, no stink factor - and it’s really all you’ll ever need at your core.



Heather Grid Dolman - An open knit heather jacquard is what makes this piece beautiful and breezy. Add in a dolman cut and you’ve got a tee that’s lightweight, layer-friendly, and ready for any summer run or rumble!

Window Short Sleeve - While delicate in appearance, the mesh shoulders are tough as your run, ready for all the wear and tear and mileage. A tee that feels like a tank, and wears well with jeans? Yes please.



Flyte Shorts - Comfortably compressive, super wicking, antimicrobial, and made to stay put. An all-season favorite, but an essential for running in the sun.

Mini Stride - Sometimes less is more. These smoking hot minis certainly deliver.

New Strider Shorts - We hate sweat’s uninvited cousin - chafe - so we lengthened the beloved stride shorts to make sure power quads stay perfectly happy in any condition! Sweat on sisters!



Roga Visor - Made with our winning Roga fabric that stretches and performs like no other. A running visor that is simple but sophisticated, with a just-right, adjustable fit, and a bit of reflectivity. Light, bright, and ready to fly!

Mesh Cap - Breathable mesh keeps you cool and dry, and an adjustable bungee closure makes it easy to find the just-right fit. When the sun hides behind the clouds, the running cap’s foldable brim lets you hold the hat easily in the palm of your hand.

Miir Water Bottle - Hey… hydration looks good on you. Don’t forget to replace those electrolytes too!

But while sweat can be a laughing matter, hydration and sun protection is no joke. So remember to sunscreen up, replace fluids regularly, and stay hydrated during hot months. We found this great guide if you’re looking for a more technical hydration approach.


So sweat on sisters! Fist pump for a summer filled with running and sunning!

Head Up, Wings Out!

Meg & The Nest

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