Meet Rebecca Murrillo: Oiselle Volée, ultra runner, cook, teacher, storyteller... Basically, she is super rad! We had the pleasure of having her on set of our latest Fall 16 shoot and like most... she gushed over the new Lux Raglan. Here's her review! 


Last week was filled with many opportunities: hanging out with the Nest, taking some pictures, seeing friends, and trying on some new clothes (all the new clothes according to Megan’s tweet). Each opportunity deserves a post, but this one will be dedicated to the last item on that list.

To be more specific, this is the straight scoop of everything you need to know about the the new Lux Raglan of the Fall 2016 line which I wore for an entire sweaty workout led by none other than Lauren Fleshman herself. There is plenty of photo evidence of this shirt going to work, and I am here to back up those photos with some written evidence (and lots of praise).


This shirt is fantastic! I own a few other lux pieces, one being the previous version of this shirt, and the fit of this is definitely more refined, with a closer to body fit that is ready to go for any and all runs. While the top is more fitted it is definitely not clingy, feeling more like a gentle, lux-butter hug you may give someone you have just met, with a neck spacious enough to prevent any weird rubbing/chafing opportunities. I am also a huge fan of Shine and am so happy it made it’s way to the lux fabric, it’s the perfect way to cheer up gloomy mornings and the color turned out beautifully on the heathered fabric without becoming too dull or too bright.

During the fartleks I honestly forgot I was wearing a shirt, but not in the way you would expect from shirts made of mesh, or the ever-breezy hole punch shorts. The shirt felt like a second, lighter skin, and even though every minute brought on more sweat, the shirt did not feel sticky or uncomfortable, or most importantly, it didn’t sag! I have had several occasions where other shirts will sag as I run, and end up cupping my butt by the end of it, taking my attention off my workout or race and onto the fact that my shirt has somehow turned into a diaper.


I felt like I was being kept at the perfect temperature. I also especially love shirts I can wipe sweat off on during the working without feeling like I oversaturate it, which this shirt was also able to handle. Even after I finished and my body started cooling down, I didn’t feel the slightest bit cold because the fabric felt thick enough to keep heat in but also handled sweat like a champ, yes it shows sweat, but that’s just a sign to you and everyone else that you are putting in some great work, own it!

I actually thought this shirt was perfect for a fartlek workout, but can see myself wearing it for more fall/winter tempo workouts to keep me warm and comfortable for longer efforts. Or even as the warm and welcoming dry post-workout shirt. I’m training for the North Face 50k this December which means lots of miles and long workouts and this shirt will definitely be a go-to item for those slightly chilly, fog-filled, Bay Area mornings or early evenings (yes, the fog is there for both).


Lux is truly a Fall/Winter staple, and the raglan fit gives enough room to layer comfortably underneath without feeling corseted, and is just close enough to the body to layer over with a vest or jacket and not feel bulky.

I had so many layering ideas that instead of writing a long paragraph of them here is a bulleted list:

  • Race day top over the Volée singlet (especially the shine!), because you don’t always need a long sleeve on race morning
  • Under Vim vest or Vigor/Wallace jacket for a wet morning or warm up, add lux gloves for lower temps (or chronically cold hands like mine!)
  • Over any tank for a pre-workout layer
  • Underneath a puff-vest or jacket for when you need extra help staying warm
  • If using as your main workout top, underneath the lux tech hoodie
  • For feeling the coziest you could ever possibly feel, underneath the Girls in Hoodie, soft fleece on top of soft lux? It actually makes me excited for cold, rainy days. 

Check out Rebecca's blog here