The latest new releases are some of our faves. And as wear testing cycles go, all these styles have been getting some serious workouts. Stretching, wearing, sweating, washing…it takes a lot to make it in the Oiselle product family. So when it happens, and a good number get through - it's time to celebrate - and share a little bit more about what we love - and how the designs came to be. As always, thank you to our passionate and growing O-family for inspiring our creativity. When you get your bodies in these styles, we want to hear from you!


Drop Top Mesh
The mesh and jersey in this top are hands down, no joke, two of the most beautifully soft fabrics ever made. In fact, we have a very scientific metric that measures softness, called the O-Dat-Soft Index, and these are straight off the charts. In seriousness, the softness is legit and verified. Better yet, the wash, wear and durability are even more so. This is a top that feels supple, but that wears like a champ. The mesh is lightweight, but double layered to prevent see through (though not 100% 'cause that's no fun), and the sleeves are long and layer-able, with thumb holes. It's one of those saucy tops that's ready for anything - from sweat to style.


Go Joggings
We initially launched this style last January. When it sold out in 2 weeks, we knew it was good news, bad news. Good news, in that we had a winner. Bad news in that we needed time to go make more, and make them to our quality standard (we prefer fast running over fast fashion). Happy ending: we have a brand new batch of these beauties, including the very popular Burgen color. What's got these joggings selling hot? Two customer favorites: the seaming is subtle but oh so flattering, and the "wing waistband" is higher than average with the perfect rear zip pocket big enough for a phone. Not to be overlooked: premium quality Supplex fabric that is both soft, durable, and stretchy without being sheer.


Jogging Knicker
Everything you love about the Go Joggings in a run-ready capri length. Ever since we got the first prototypes of this style, it's been our go to bottom for weather between 30 - 50 degrees.


Off The Grid Knicker
Bright, geometric, flattering, and with a phone-ready rear zipper pocket in the waistband? It's simple style. Pair with any solid top you already own, or kick it up with a contrast pattern, these knickers don't care. Bold is the new black.


jacquelyn scofield