Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! In ongoing feedback, this is the feature the women want the most...and who are we to get between a woman and what she wants? The new Toolbelt Roga, a pocket-filled update to our beloved Rogas is the ideal short for Roga lovers who stash and carry, or stash and carry lovers who may not have tried the Roga previously due to not having enough pockets. Or, think of this as the ultimate cross between the Distance Short and the Roga. 


The Toolbelt Roga has no less than FIVE POCKETS. The two you're used to (front, inside liner and rear zip), plus 3 new pockets conveniently along the outside edge of the rear waistband. With an elastic trim along the waistband pockets' edge, it's easy to open even while on the run, but also keeps items within secure. The rest of the short fits the same as the Roga you know and love. We hope you'll give it a spin and let us know what you think!



jacquelyn scofield