There’s a new Wazzie Wool in town, and she’s very extra. Like all Wazzie Wool, it starts with merino from New Zealand and, importantly, for animal lovers - ZQ Certified Wool. New Zealand is one of the only countries that absolutely forbids any animal cruelty in the raising of sheep. For these styles, we chose a beautiful 100% merino yarn. Wool and cashmere are Mother Nature's "you're welcome" performance fibers - keeping you warm and dry, naturally.

So what does the weight feel like? It’s thicker than our Classic Wazzie Wool (which is still amazing, with 93% merino, 7% spandex), but still lighter than a traditional wool sweater. Like all O apparel, it’s ready for sport AND life. In fact, I’m just now returning from the Bourbon Chase Ragnar Relay in Kentucky, where I got to see the new jacquard in action. I brought a sample of the Wazzie Wool Jacquard Mile One Pullover for my teammates to check out...and I was so happy to see Meredith Bazemore adopt it! It was on before her runs, when the night and dark fell hard. And it was on right after. And it was on her almost the entire 24-hour race, without smell factor, so that pretty much said it all.

The temps were in the 40’s to 50’s, so it wasn’t called into duty on the run — but that’s exactly what these pieces are designed for. Sub-30’s, sub-20’s, or anytime you need that true wool performance (hiking, skiing, climbing, outdoors-ing). 


The Mile One. Our classic mock neck sweater design with extra long sleeves so you can snuggle hands within.

The Half Zip. A classic, an athlete staple, ready to go - with a small chest pocket.

The Jacquardigan (jacquard +cardigan) because every winter needs a good cardigan (or two)

Girl Code. The unspoken rules among women friends. There’s the Urban Dictionary version. (I mean, Point 19, “Chicks before dicks” nuf said). But this special pattern is exclusively O. It has the appearance of a mystery. A foreign code. Something to decipher. But it also has the  appearance of something familiar… a combination of abstract letter- and number-like shapes that reflect the sport world data-crunching. Shapes, pattern, meaning…where you make it, on the women’s team, in the Girl Code.


Like all Wazzie Wool, the Girl Code Jacquard is responsibly sourced, washer/dryer friendly, and ready to rock your run (though not required).

And it’s BACK! Our beloved, original Wazzie Wool knit (93% merino/7% spandex), back in the Baselayer, an updated Funnel Neck, and more. New colors: Blaze and Curfew (and Black of course) are ideal for this luscious knit, light enough to workout in, warm enough to keep you dry and insulated - and of course, anti-stink - one of wool’s major upsides. 


We hope you enjoy all the woolly goodness. From the wool-wearing PNW with love, go forth and stay outside!



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