While the Internet is good for many things, conveying tactile sensation is not one of them. And when we’re introducing a new fabric, and that fabric is softer than any fabric we’ve worked with (and you know us, we’re queens of soft fabric), our powers of communication are put to the test. So we scoured the universe for things that could do more than depict soft. It has to be SOFT. Or maybe it’s soooooooooft. Or maybe it’s O-M-G SO SOFT.

Soft like a herd of ducklings?

As soft as kittens AND birds?!

Baby and puppy soft?

Tiny koala soft?

Bird Hug puts superlatives to the test….

On the volume dial of soft, Bird Hug is an 11.

At the mini-mart of soft, Bird Hug is a super size me.

On the court, bird hug is DEFINITELY a national champ #SueBirdHug

Even TV influencers are in on it #BigBirdHug

So yeah, a first time Bird Hugger is likely to say things like “WHAT?!” or “Oh mama…” or “Sweet sister, Frances!"

*But wait, there’s more.*

Not only is Bird Hug the champion of soft…it’s two times soft.
Specifically, it’s a dual-knit, with the same face on each side, meaning it’s….REVERSIBLE. 


So two times the color options…red to blue, and black to charcoal. One way or the other, you’ve got choices.
And every woman wants choices.

You smarty birds out there might be thinking "well yeah, it's reversible, but that means it can't have a pocket..."

Seriously? Would you doubt our pocket power?
Bird Hug wins again... there is a large, smartphone-ready pocket at the center back of the waistband that holds it all.

Plus, with that just-right-dose of Spandex, you know the hugs are 100% legit. No half hugs here.

As if the softness and versatility weren’t enough, there’s a height story too...
After all, not all bird huggers are the same, and not all want the same length tights.


That’s why we have an inseam solution:
The reversibility, and the clean marrow stitch along the hem, means you can customize the length with a simple turn of the cuff.
Petite? Regular? Tall? Or height that defies a category? Yeah, so many possibilities….

Magical softness
Two times the color
Versatile length

Bird Hug has it.

And we could all use a bird hug right about now.



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October 04, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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