The Hi Low Bra is making its name as one of our most beloved new styles for cups ranging from A to D. We are happy to announce a sister Hi Low style: same source DNA but different formulas.

This new style was developed and produced in the USA. It uses double dye Lux at the inset areas (instead of Nyelle™ Charcoal, nylon based fabric), and in the body, a slightly more compressive formula of our Nyelle™ Compression fabric.

Hi Low: 88% poly, 12% spandex

Lux Hi Low: 90% nylon, 10% spandex

The good news is, we now have two winner Hi Low bras: the Hi Low and the Lux Hi Low. They do have some fit differences that we would like to point out for you bra connoisseurs. (For reference, runner model is size 34C, wearing a size 4 in all pictures).


Fabric compression:
The fabric compression of the Lux Hi Low is greater, providing more compressive support at equivalent sizes.

All of these small differences add up to 2 great styles. Early feedback indicates:
1. For a 32-24 chest strap, the Hi Low size 2 OR the Lux Hi Low size 4 is the best fit. (Depending on preference of compression level, many of our bra wearers sized down one size in the Hi Low, but found the Lux Hi Low true to size).

2. For preferred higher coverage in the front and more strap adjustability, the Hi Low Bra is the best.

3. The Lux Hi Low provides slightly more aggressive support for high impact activities, cleared for running/jumping through C cup and some D cups.

Let us know your fit feedback!

May 05, 2016 — kgardner

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