Not too long ago, the design team started feeling pinched. As in Oiselle’s size grade, XS to XL, was limiting the range of sizes we could offer you. XS to XL is five unique sizes, and in terms of doing more, we didn’t want to keep adding X’s for the outliers. XXXXXS or XXXXXL anyone? That didn’t meet our desire to help women feel included AND create an elegant size system.

But if we changed the sizing to 2-12, we would have six sizes, with room to grow. (Next puzzle: how do we reinvent the size “0” - a weird non-number, non-entity which doesn’t sit well with athletes who like substance).

As we saw it, 2-4-6-8-10-12 would accomplish several things:

  • Increase our options by one full size
  • Provide room for additional sizes in the future
  • Solve for “smediums” and “marges” (between small and medium, and between medium and large)
  • Accommodate customers who wanted something slightly bigger than our XL 

To simplify the change, we maintained our measurements for sizes 2 and 4 (which are the same as our former XS and S respectively) and then we modified the remainder as noted below:


Our former size small is the same size as our new size 4. Our former size medium, shown below in Flame Pink, is slightly smaller than our new size 8, shown below in Pop. 


A couple of notes:

  • Lifestyle and seamless styles will maintain XS – XL sizing as these designs are either stretchier than technical or compressive garments. This includes such items as the Flyte and Birds of a Feather Tops; Trials Hoodies, Rest Day Sweats, etc.
  • Note that for some seamless product, however, we are looking to add size XS beginning with the Fall 15 season.
  • An updated "Oiselle Sizing Information" Chart is here.

We’ve asked some friends to compare the old sizing with the new and provide honest feedback. So if you have Q’s, please feel free to ask us (always here to help!) or the following O-believers:

Name - previous top size - previous bottom size 
Andrea Duke - xs/s - xs
Kami Beckendorf - m/lg - m/lg
Britney Henry - lg - lg
Beth Baker - lg - lg
Nicole Antoinette - s - s
Lauren Fleshman -  s - xs/s
Sarah Boone -  m - m
Beth Gillespie - xl - xl
Sarah Robinson - s - s
Jacquelyn Komen - xs - xs

As always, we want to hear your feedback. Please feel free to email any questions or comments to Most importantly, thank you for believing in us. We love and respect our family, no matter the size!


jacquelyn scofield