rdenler "For me, #runlove means being part of something bigger than myself, of belonging to an amazing community of runners. There is no place where this is on display more than a big city race, like the Chicago Marathon. Joining 40,000+ of my running sisters and brothers from all over the world - it was the coolest thing I have ever been a part of!"


thatsarahmac "At 16, ticking off the days until my knee brace came off, I knew #runlove wasn't to be taken for granted. The love has nothing to do with clocks or trophies. It's a home. Like I imagine an artist at a canvas, a writer and the page. A place to be myself. This photo is 8 weeks after PJ arrived. My first shaky run, I was so happy to be reunited with my tiny space in this world. I know I'll dream of empty country roads and cracked sidewalks when I can no longer run them. But until then... run4 ever.


ashleyrunningfearless "Today hurt, it was slow, and this course was so painfully boring. But I've never felt more steady in my mind and confident in my body than I did today. Dear running, you break me open, and make me whole.


karagoucher "Nothing in my life has ever broken my heart the way running has. And yet I cannot breathe without it."


amberella2u "Hurt so good! Finished my half in 1:56 at 8:51/mile! Nearly 3 minutes faster than my race in November! Just chasing the dream


runningonventi "My Yaktrax broke. Roads covered with new snow. I lost my footing and turned my left foot. I yelled at the snow. I yelled at a driver going too fast. I yelled because another storm is coming. I was using energy on being mad instead of for running. I was mentally beaten down. And to make sure foot ok, I had to slow down. Then I got here. Steele Farm. Open space. Favorite place. So I stopped. Took a moment to regroup and breathe. Remind myself that I can do this. And then I finished my run."


mellawrence29 "Running: You've broken my heart more times than I can count, but for some crazy-ass reason I keep coming back for more. Maybe it's because our highs always outweigh our lows. #runlove


ali_runs_mpls "Went for a family run this morning as a shakeout for the Frozen Feet 10k Erik and I are running tomorrow. #RunLove is doing the things that make you happy with the people that make you happy! Not pictured: my dog who wouldn't cooperate and smile for the picture.


mrsgibbycooks "#RunLove is unexpected PRs, sunny February 5Ks, and running all the miles with this one and never running out of things to talk about.


lacedup_wingsout "#RunLove has brought me to myself. Running has taught me to dream and really believe in myself, like really freaking believe! It clears my head of the cobwebs in ways nothing else in this planet can. Running is my meditation and lifeline back to myself. Thank you running! This run's for you!


runningwmusic "Caption this. 


runlittlewing "Run family, for a lifelong runner, is family. Extended family, but family still. And family is something you give your best to, elevate, and advocate for. I think that has been the heartbeat all along. Get in here family. We #runlove you.


marathonsandmedicine "It's the crack of dawn alarm you don't snooze. It's the calming rhythm of feet echoing through quiet streets before the world wakes up. It's the post-work, I'd-rather-be-sleeping dodging of cars in the winter dark. It's the loud, disinhibited conversations about the joyous and angry and all the in between moments only miles shared with friends can provoke. It's the carefree feeling, like a kid, exploring old trails and new gems in my own backyard. It's the ecstasy, that so-called "runner's high," of a nailing a tough workout or solid long run..."


drlesko "#runlove is meeting your life partner at age 18 because he ran a damn fast 1,000m at Coxe Cage. #speedgoggles


marisvanderhow "#RunLove is being broken physically and emotionally, yet still coming back for more. Run love is sacrificing miles on land for miles in the pool because you know that's your key to success. The highest highs are made so much sweeter because of the lowest lows." 


megaxe "We started out as a casual fling, having fun, never diving too deep beneath the surface. Then 2012 olympic trials came along and as I was sitting in the stands as a spectator the force of your love smacked me hard. I wanted to be on that track in 4 years.


beingcate "...This is why I'm "still" running just as dumb and hopeful as ever, injury after injury. That's #runlove.


featherstephens "It was the best kind of day. Exploring the PNW with the very best friend. #runlove"