beth baker

Is it hot out here, or is it just me?

Last year my bucket list marathon came up. The Catalina Island Marathon, off the coast of California. It was held in November and I trained in Seattle. I was excited to totally rock it and check that bad boy right off my list. Upon arrival, the weather in Southern California was much different then I had trained in. Race day: The start line temperature was 75 degrees at 7:00 a.m. My goal went from rocking it, to let's finish this upright and smiling. And I am pleased to announce I did finish (a quarter of the runners that started off that day did not).


Oh you Sun, shining your mighty, warm love on us is so wonderful. Running in the heat on the other hand, makes me want to melt like the doused Wicked Witch of the East. Or was it West? You know, the one who melted? Sorry, it's just so hot, and lying in a river or sitting in an air conditioned spot sounds so much more pleasant then running; especially when you're new to running. And the heat just beats down on you, and you think to yourself, “oh this is no longer fun, and at this heat, I don't think my antiperspirant is effective anymore.” Your body is working extra hard, your breathing is more intense, and your fun run in the sun feels more like a death march. And is that a vulture flying around me?

Well, fret NOT! Rather than taking the whole summer off of your schedule and then starting all over again in the fall, here are some tips to get you through the summer with a drop of comfort, ready for when the thermometer comes down from the HELL setting. 

Rule 1: Adjust It Real Good
Move your run time to a cooler part of the day. Lower your speed to something more realistic when the sun is beating down. Find another place to run, like where there is shade. Or move your running party to the inside to one of those treadmill things. (Preferably with a fan and a cup holder for your Pringles, or water… or whatever) 

Rule 2: Water it Up
Sip extra ounces in throughout the day. Water down your baseball hat before heading out. Try water running in a pool. (Still waiting for Oiselle to make ducky water wings…) 

Rule 3: What to Wear
Light colored clothes and feather-like material. Also, dress like it's 20 degrees hotter than it really is. Here are my favorite, cool running Oiselle pretties.


Endorphin Tank and Long Roga Shorts


Roga Visor, new from this spring! 

Rule 4: Protect Yo Self!
Sunscreen. Everyone is different on this one, what your skin will tolerate, and which ones don't run off with sweat. Best thing is to do a bit of research and find your favorite. And, cover your noggin' with a hat or visor to keep your face shady and happy. 

And most of all, use common sense. If it’s too hot, find something else. A cool bird is a happy bird! And you all are cool. 


jacquelyn scofield