Today marks the end of Rule 40. 

The day we can once again talk about our athletes - and celebrate their Olympic achievements. 

I want to first congratulate Kate, Maria, Maria, and Sarah on their successes.

  • Kate's phenomenal trajectory to the 800m Final for Team USA.
  • Maria's 22nd Place finish in the 20K Race Walk, despite stomach problems.
  • Sarah's 2nd Olympics and Marathon finish in our custom kit for Saudi Arabia.
  • And Maria Elena Calle's strong finish in the Marathon for Ecuador.

The Road to Rio is exciting, but also a long four years - full of twists, turns, and hair raising drop offs. In many ways the arrival is the win. And for us, getting to play a small role in their story has been a lifetime highlight.

As we closeout on Rio, however, I'm more convinced than ever that the USOC/USATF structure, such as it is, can and should change. First, athletes should be better compensated by these organizing bodies for the revenue they so clearly generate. And second, brands that support athletes as they become Team USA members, should be given the opportunity to gain some visibility for the role they play.

During the past six weeks, the media attention on Rule 40 has been high.

Here's our round up of the best:

Thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly supportive these past four years -- to Oiselle, our athletes, and the entire T&F community. Until Tokyo 2020, Head up, Wings Out!


August 25, 2016 — jbarnard

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