Kara Goucher

Welcome to a special "lightning round" with Sally and Kara Goucher: sports bra edition. Where what happens over text message ends up on the internet...enjoy!


Sally: What do you think the lifespan of a sports bra is?

Kara: 2 years tops.

Sally: How do you know a bra is toast?

Kara: No shape, faded fabric, when it's no longer a bra you'd wear running unless you have a shirt over it.

Sally: Haha. Bra of shame.

Kara: Exactly.

Sally: Pads or no pads?

Kara: I've never been a pad girl and you'd think I would be since I have nipples that like to show off. But I just like simplicity in everything I wear when I run.

Sally: Cool. What’s your ratio of sports bras to regular bras?

Kara: I own two real bras and probably 40-50 sports bras. I’m not lying.


Styled in: Moto Tracktion Bra 

Sally: Do you prefer doing a workout in just a bra, or tank and bra?

Kara: Both, depending on weather. I always start with tank, but peel it off if I'm hot.

Sally: Bright bra or subtle?

Kara: Depends on mood. Winter, subtle. Summer's coming or I'm fit- bright.

Sally: Ok last question. if you were going to gift one bra to a newbie runner, which O bra would you choose?

Kara: Hmm, that's tough. Maybe the Hi Low Bra because it's a good transition bra. Doesn't feel super technical and it's cute.

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