What to give that special someone, the runner? Yes, shoes are always good. But I think the best gifts are those things that your runner wants but doesn't always treat themselves to. Like the following:

1. A Backup Supply of Energy Bars, Gels, Chews, Chumps, Nuun...
Yes, runners will buy themselves a gel or two, but spoil your runner with a big backup of all their favorite (slightly overpriced) energy snacks and drinks. **Bonus points for creative presentation.

Beth (@Boston2Berkley) created this fabulous Christmas Tree of Energy (as seen on her running blog: Boston To Berkley)

I also love this GU Lei created by @frayed_laces (as seen on her running blog: Frayed Laces)

2. Bib Number Coasters (from ElegantElliphant on Etsy)
So many races, so many numbers floating around the house. Declutter and give your runner bragging rights on the coffee table.

3. Massage, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustment, Graston
This is especially thoughtful if your runner doesn't have health insurance that covers these services. Treat your runner to preventive care, and an injury free 2012. Less injury = happy runner.

4. Self Healing Super Powers
Give your runner the gift of self masage with a roller, travel roller, or "The Stick".

5. Running Apparel
Especially if you see your runner heading out in Champion cheer shorts... hook them up with real running gear and apparel that will keep them motivated (dry and warm) all winter and all year.

6. Rundies

Need we say more? You'll get a laugh out of any runner! Buy Rundies here.

Good luck shopping for your runners. Don't worry you still have time to get your gifts in the mail. If you order at by 12/16 we promise to deliver (via USPS) by 12/23. We also offer 2 day Fedex in case time gets away from you. Other online stores have similar shipping options - and be sure to show your local runner store some love!

December 15, 2011 — sarah

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