She’s not just a sexy number (Pantone number 18-3838 if you must) but an idea…a lifestyle…a history…a yummy condiment not unlike Welch’s Grape Jelly and other sweet things from childhood.

We couldn’t miss out on the Ultra Violet, color of the year, so it appears throughout our Spring 18 Collection.

But 2018 will be a celebration of ALL THINGS PURPLE.

We salute you Ultra Violet, beloved number 18-3838, you might be trendy today – but we love you forever.

The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

Alice-in-Purple.jpgPhoto by Little Pickle Press

Alice Walker got purple:

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.” - Celine in "The Color Purple"


Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.  


Our dearly beloved Prince, RIP, explained the meaning of "Purple Rain" as follows: "When there's blood in the sky – red and blue = purple... purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain."

I never meant to cause you any sorrow. 
I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted to one time to see you laughing. I only wanted to see you .Laughing in the purple rain Honey, I know, I know
, I know times are changing. 
It's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too. You say you want a leader but you can't seem to make up your mind I think you better close it and let me guide you to the purple rain - Prince

Purple is a feeling:
How does the color purple make you feel? People often describe this color as mysterious, spiritual, and imaginative. Purple tends to occur rarely in nature, so it is viewed as rare and intriguing.


“I was very against pink and purple when I was young, because they were girls' colors. But that was only because I didn't want people to write me off for what I can do. When I got into my 20s, I decided that was stupid.” - Danica Patrick

jimi-hendrix-purple-haze-david-dehner.jpgJimi Hendrix Pruple Haze By David Dehner

“Purple haze all through my brain, lately things dont seen the same
Actin funny, but i dont know why....excuse me while i kiss the sky” - Jimi Hendrix


Purple gets our vote:
In the early 20th century, purple, green, and white were the colors of the Women's Suffrage movement, which fought to win the right to vote for women, finally succeeding with the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920. Later, in the 1970s, in a tribute to the Suffragettes, it became the color of the women's liberation movement.[46]

The power of purple.
The ultra-love of Ultra Violet.
There’s a million takes… all of them beautiful.



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