In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, the making of pants is an act of emancipation. The making and the wearing… both simple and audacious. And while we’ve long enjoyed the liberation of our legs, the roots of apparel as political statement remain intact.

For us, the business of designing clothes is also the business of culture change. For athletes, for girls, and women, and for the sport we love. 

These are reflections not only on Oiselle, as we find ourselves in our 9th year, but also on our collection for Fall 2016. With its beautiful simplicity, premium fabrics, and performance to lifestyle range, the collection reinforces our three-part mission to: DESIGN GREAT PRODUCT, BUILD THE SISTERHOOD, AND IMPROVE THE SPORT.  All of these require moving quickly while still taking the long view… and of course, a great pair of pants.


Sally Bergesen

Founder + CEO