With the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon around the corner, we thought we’d check in on five of our Haute Volée and see how they stay on top of their training despite their 9-5 and family obligations. Here’s a peek in a day in the life of these athletes and their marathon prep. It’s quite incredible if you ask me.

Cate Barrett: Sales Engineer for Oracle’s E-Commerce Platform

one workout and one easy run per week. This club is a huge influence in my running and gives me so much inspiration that people with 9-5 jobs and kids can still get shit done with running.

Lunch: Occasionally I’ll try and do a weights class at a nearby gym, but I can’t always get away. If I don’t work out, sometimes I’ll eat with coworkers at the cafeteria, but more often I just catch up on Instagram.

PM: Sometimes I squeeze in a weights class or solo lift after work. Evening workouts leave me too wound up to go to bed on time. Instead I use this time for appointments (chiropractor and therapy), seeing friends, or just chilling at home with books, Netflix, and my husband Jake, who’s also a great cook.  

Weekend: My running group meets at 6 a.m. on Saturdays for long runs. We run between 14 and 20 miles together on various road routes. Lingering with everyone at brunch afterward signals the official start of the weekend for me.

Jessa Victor: Attorney (specializing in plaintiffs-side long term disability and employee benefits claims)

AM: My alarm goes off at 5:15am and within 10 minutes I am out the door with my pup, who requires an hour-long morning walk to expel all his energy. After we’ve thoroughly patrolled the neighborhood, I suit up and catch the bus or bike into work. Twice a week, I commute to work by running. Lumping training and commuting into one is a huge time-saver and also puts me in a positive mindset to tackle any stressful job-related duties.  

Lunch: I happen to work across the street from my gym, which makes it convenient to sneak in a 30-40 minute strength session followed by foam rolling, stretching, and a sauna session (which is particularly enjoyable during the Wisconsin winter). Other days, I use my lunch hour to run errands.

PM: I wrap up work at 5pm and typically run a scenic route home. My husband and I adhere to a plant-based diet and love to cook. We we’ll turn on NPR or a true crime podcast and start preparing dinner. By the time dinner and dishes are done, we are pushing 8pm. This allows me just enough time to read a few chapters of a book before calling it a day.

Weekend: My weekends follow no set schedule, and I’m not wedded to doing my long run on either day in particular. Instead, I let the weather pick my long run for me. I often do my long runs solo on account of my “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” schedule. The rest of the weekend is spent catching up with friends and preparing for the week ahead.

Lyndy Davis: Online Business Strategist – Project Manager for HP

AM: My baby is my alarm clock. By 6am I’m breastfeeding while simultaneously trying to drink water. Then, my husband takes baby to daycare while I run. Monday/Wednesday I do a 30-40-minute short morning run. Tuesday/Friday I do speed workouts. Thursdays are trail runs.

Lunch: I breast pump at work before I go for a lunch run (pumping before a run is key for me, otherwise,m ouchy). I usually do emails while I pump. Monday/Wednesday I do an hour run at lunch followed by a core and strength routine. I eat lunch at my desk while listening conference calls. I usually don't have time to shower or eat in the lunchroom - but I wash my face and add a deodorant layer.

PM: After work I sporadically, based on feel, do easy evening runs with my baby in the KidRunner, which is a stroller that I pull behind me as I run (instead of push). I love these runs because we’re together! Tuesdays and Fridays are my speed days. At night, I lay on the floor with my baby and attempt stretching, foam rolling, and planks...but that usually ends with him crawling all over me instead.

Weekend: Saturdays are for trails with hills (8-10 miles). Sundays are long (120 minutes +). Frequently I go by time instead of miles for my long Sunday runs -- this allows me to not rush the pace. I noticed I burnout quicker if I am always looking for mileage.

Kelsey Hodges: Aeronautical Engineer at DCI, a NASA Contractor

AM: I’m a morning runner, so 90% of the time I roll out of bed (4:45 on good days, 5:45 on tired days), drink a cup of coffee while I pack my food for the day, then hit the pavement. I can usually convince my husband and his running group to join for occasional workout. Tuesdays I’ll meet my ultrarunner neighbor or run over to Huntsville High to join the track team for their morning practice, but most days it’s just me, my thoughts, and my podcasts -- which is one of my favorite ways to ease into a day.

Lunch: Some days I’ll plan a strength session at lunch or go to spin class, but we don't have an on-site gym so it’s usually more convenient to just stretch a bit in my office and eat lunch. Every third week or so I have a massage or a chiro appointment, which I try to schedule over lunch, too.

PM: I typically do 2 strength sessions during the week in the evenings - sometimes it’s a 45 min lift and mobility circuit, sometimes I meet a friend for a Pilates class. If it’s a high mileage week but not a strength day, I’ll run for 30-40 minutes from work with whoever I can convince to join me. Luckily for me, my husband is a fantastic cook, so 95% of the time dinner is ready by the time I’m home and showered. If I’m not in bed by 9pm, something’s gone wrong.

Weekend: Saturdays are my long run days. I’ll link up with a large group of RunningLane athletes, so I know I’ll have company for at least 10-13 miles. Sunday mornings I meet my fellow Huntsville OTQer downtown for an easy 7-9 miles. Sunday afternoons I’ll lift or do a mobility circuit. The rest of the time is spent meal prepping for the week or just having beer with friends.

Theresa Hailey: Lead Engineer for Production Tooling - Boeing

AM: Monday through Friday mornings are all business for me. My alarm goes off at 5:30 and I’m on the road by 6:10 to make a 6:30 meeting every day. I require 8.5-9 hours of sleep a night in order to be my bubbly self at work, so morning runs are not desirable to me.

Lunch: M/W/Th I leave my desk at 10:45 and head out the door with at least one of my coworkers for an easy 6-8-mile run. I’ll typically finish in the weight room with some light core and foam rolling (unless I have meetings). I like to take every other Monday off, so if I don't run, I do a 40-minute strength/drill/plyometrics routine. Tuesday at lunch I do an easy 25-minute run with another coworker and we finish with some core and foam rolling.

PM: I try to be done with work by 4pm each day. Tuesdays and Fridays are my speed days. I always hit the track around 6pm with my running club. On Tuesdays we do a mix of track, trail, and road work on Friday. Thursdays I’ll typically do a second run in the afternoon followed by a strength/drills/plyo routine. Depending on how I’m feeling each day, I might incorporate yoga into my bedtime routine. I’m asleep by 8:30.

Weekend: Saturday is my no-alarm day. I usually sleep in, drink coffee, and chill before I head out the door for an easy 10 miles. On Sundays I meet up with a group at 8am for my long run. I’m a social runner, so having buddies for my long run is a must!

February 01, 2020 — Hannah Calvert
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