Seattle is in the midst of a much needed stretch of sun. Three wonderful sun soaked days! The first day, giddy with spring fever, we took to the streets armed with an iPhone 4, coffee and our wittiest tour guide repertoire. Most of these video clips are in the editing room. But the first one I tackled was Sally’s tour of the daffodils that had sprung to life that week. Sweeping angles. Great soundtrack. One person (me) attempting to get out of the shot. It’s YouTube gold. Gold I tell you.


Okay well if that’s not the best thing you’ve seen all day, just wait. A tour of the Oiselle office, Green Lake and more video is on it’s way from our studio in Seattle. Check out our channel to see a stop motion video creation, some of favorites (that other people have made) and soon more from Oiselle at the Oiselle Channel.

Have a great weekend!