When was the last time you received an email you couldn’t help but crack a smile at? They’re the best. A few days ago I was so thrilled to receive this email from Oiselle Ambassador, Patty Barnhill. I had to share it with our peeps because it made my day. Spreading the Oiselle love from sunny San Diego, thank you Patty!


Good Morning, Sally!

I just wanted to thank you for Oiselle, and for allowing me to represent the line, you, and the team! You and the gals at Oiselle HQ have truly made a family through your company and it is wonderful that you have opened your 'home' and heart to so many. I feel truly lucky to have found Oiselle, let alone be a part of it! YAY!!!

I also wanted to note how hard it is to get people to try new things ~ especially runners!! We have our favorite shoes, socks, etc., etc. I'm not sure you know how I came to love Oiselle... I had a Groupon coupon to a local running store and not liking their skirts, I saw they had these CUTE tees so I bought one and a couple of head bands. I went back to the store a couple of days later and bought 5 more shirts! Loving the tees so much, I went online to check out the company behind them. So, I took a chance...GASP...and ordered the Rogas and Simplicity tank.  All it took was one run, and that's the story of how I fell in love with Oiselle! 

So, naturally, I told my friends how amazing the shorts were and that they were MUCH BETTER than Lulu, Nike, etc. I sent pics. I told them they must try them. I became an Ambassador. I told my friends that they MUST TRY THE ROGAS!  chirp, chirp, chirp. I offered the friends and family discount. AND finally they tried!  And they LOVE! My two besties actually sent me pics and I have attached them for you! Lisa lives in VA and Maryhelen lives in MD. 


(Lisa and Maryhelen)

Lisa lives in VA and Maryhelen lives in MD. They will tell their friends, and so on, and so on!  It's hard to get people to change, to try new things, but once they do...doors open!

I believe in Oiselle and I will rep the line with LOVE forever!! Now, if I could just run....

Thank you,

Patty B!