Sarah Mac


Only 10 days of holiday shopping left. Luckily you're used to going fast (runner joke) so you can still get your favorite running buddy something special. And Oiselle HQ can even help! Below are our top picks for the runners in your life.

* If you're entering the #FastFriday giveaway do make one of your picks from (makes it much easier for us to gift it to you) and if you don't know what #FastFriday is....get over to Twitter and check it out! Happy Holidays!

KMet’s Picks

1. Lesley Knickers - I love having my hamstrings and quads warm while my calves free! These are the best capris that I have run in; perfect combination of compression, flexibility and warmth.

2.  Runbow Tee - The perfect tee for a runner: reflects my love of running and the rainbow to me symbolizes a gateway to our running dreams.

3. Gift Certificate for a sports massage! Every runner can benefit from an hour of pampering to those overworked and tired running muscles!

JJ’s Picks

1. Oiselle Clearly Vest - I'm a vest girl. I run hot during my runs and the vest is a necessity for my closet right now. Shields the rain without restricting my movement, keeps me cool, and can be paired over my rundelicious for a complete outfit that keeps me warm in 30-40 degree winters. 

2. Oiselle Bum Wrap - I've always wanted the bum wrap and after seeing how sassy (and functional) it looked on Oiselle team runner Cindi Mele in Texas, I have to have it. It's not a skirt it's a bum wrap, big difference. With a longer spandex short and thick waist band, it comfy and sporty which is what I'm looking for.  

3. Thera Band Exercise Ball Set + The Stick - My trunk o' running supplies is lacking lately, and after a small injury post Seattle Half I've realized how important it is to have recovery essentials. Exercise ball set to keep up my strength workouts at home, and The Stick to mend all the kinks I get in my calves and major muscle groups. 

Dr Lesko's Picks

Most common area of neglect in runners is tissue pliability and flexibility, especially lower leg. The calf (gastroc, soleus, achilles) area should be strong, supple, and very mobile. Give yourself 20 minutes each day for these exercises and you won't be disappointed. 

1. Incline board - simple to build or buy

Start at lowest setting, stand on for 10 minutes before bed (great reading time), should produce a tingly/stretchy feeling but not pain...then get immediately into bed so the lower leg does not have the opportunity to reset its tension.

2. Trigger Point system - I'm usually hesitant to endorse a gimicky product, but this is the best assistive tool I've found to independently break up cross-fiber adhesions in the lower leg compartments. Graston and ART are great, but you can do this just sitting on the floor reading or watching bad TV. 

Do 6 spots distal to proximal in the three different planes (medial, midline, and lateral), sweeping the foot in 5 circles clockwise and counterclockwise in each position. It is uncomfortable for the first week but after awhile your calves will feel like butter!

3. A good stretching strap (I find straps work better than ropes because they are easier on the hand and don't slip around the foot as much). 

Key stretches are hip openers and tibial nerve glide. 

Your runner friends, family, and lovers will thank you! Oh, and also anything Oiselle. Really. Anything. And pickybars--you can just send them to me. 

Mac’s Picks

1. Mac Jacket - This jacket is toasty, wicking and perfect for running through the cold winter days. I could only imagine how much I would have loved this piece growing up and training in the Massachusetts and Vermont winter. Also so bright! It's practically a shot of vitamin d.

2. Strength Coach - This is a dream gift. I want a trainer with a plan! And someone who kicks my booty once a week in person.

3. Roga Shorts - Especially for the runner that always talks about treating themselves to better gear, but still shops whatever is 50% off hanging on TJMaxx athletic botttoms rack. I may or may not have been that person in the past (cough, cough.) The Roga is my favorite, and you couldn't pay me to shop the dumpy bottoms in the half off bin. In fact I gave away my bin of shorts from years past. #rogarevolution



Happy Holidays from Oiselle! Hope you're all finding time amidst the craze to breath (heavily while running) and spend time with those you love.