NEWS RELEASE: In response to worldwide sentiment among women that there are too many garments with too few pockets, Oiselle announces today that it has entered into a new partnership with the leading research institute, M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), to further the innovation of pocket performance in all women’s apparel.


“This isn’t just a convenience issue,” states Oiselle’s Founder and CEO, Sally Bergesen. “Women have known for centuries that pockets are essential. And yet, also for centuries, garment manufacturers have declined to create pocketed-designs. We are literally losing our sh*t.”

The Pocket Science Initiative will combine some of the most innovative thinkers in Oiselle’s performance fabrics division along with top researchers at MIT’s School of Engineering, including Materials Science Testing and Small Object Transportation.

Carrie Itoll, MIT’s Director of Nothing Left Behind, has been leading the partnership on the MIT side - working on a project that, up until now, has only been known by code name “Deep Pockets.”


The partnership’s first product is revealed today: The Multiple Pocket Launcher (MPL). Combining strong, compressive fabrics with new approaches in surface area tension, the MPL transports 340% more items than the traditional running outfit. Its biggest innovation is its coverage. By taking a 360-degree, top to bottom, heat mapping body approach, the Oiselle/M.I.T. team was able to maximize not only storage space, but also the strength and compression power of that space. This unique approach has allowed an improvement in the range of items that can be carried causing wear testers to declare this a new era of pocket power.


“Whereas most pockets in traditional garments have only been able to carry small things like keys, chapsticks, and cell phones, our new Pocket on Pocket(tm) system gives the woman athlete more of what she’s looking for. Our research indicates lip gloss is the least of her worries. We’re talking battery packs, iPad minis, premium snacks that require double walled insulation, and bluetooth enabled voice control for music accessories, texting, and Starbucks mobile orders," states Bergesen. "What we know now is that pockets are the new handbag. And we're here to serve."

About Oiselle: Based in Seattle, Washington, and therefore slightly web-footed, Oiselle is a by and for women athletes apparel company also dedicated to growing a run-loving community around the world. In addition to game-changing innovations and research, the company also produces a phenomenal collection of athletic apparel designed for running in every climate. For more information on products, including a rare site-wide sale going on right now, please visit our site here. For interest in joining our pace-agnostic, humor-appreciating team, so simply pre-register here.

About M.I.T.: Research at MIT aims to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges. From addressing the energy needs of tomorrow to improving medical therapies, MIT’s research efforts are enhanced through creative collaborations with leading research institutes and consortia around the world. Google them here!


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April 01, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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