Once upon a time, women weren't supposed to show their bra straps. In fact, at one of my first jobs right after college, at the local university bookstore, I was reprimanded by my manager for wearing a tank top that didn't hide my bra completely. Yeah okay. Fast forward to the more fun and the more present. Sports bras are fashion, function, essential gear. You can wear it solo, way beneath layers, or somewhere in between. The infinite story of layers and combos. I love a bright pop of color from a bra that's loud and proud. Remember Sarah Lime's "straight scoop" on our first line of sports bras? Have boobs, will run. And insert: will let our straps pop. Maybe I should share this blog with that bookstore manager... boobyah!


Ain't no wrong way to go strappy. We're all about the double straps - giving you weight distribution and a hit of style all in one.

We searched the #flystyle gallery to find a few of our favorites from over the years, showing how you style it best. From the Strappy Bra in 2013, to our latest - New Verra, New Verrazano and the Gifted Collection - make it pop!


Getting my strappy on at USA Track Champs in Sacramento, 2014 @oiselle_sally


What doesn't look good on Fleshman? @fleshmanflyer.


Styled by @mais_runs_trails, paired with the Toolbelt Roga Shorts. 



Styled by Sydney, New Verra Bra with Mie Tank


Christine Babcock rocking the Endorphin Tank and New Gifted Verrazano Bra. Because endorphins are a girl's best friend.

Now it's your turn. Share a pic with your strappy style and tag #flystyle to be featured in the gallery. 



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May 03, 2016 — jacquelyn scofield

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