Surprise party! Unveiling all the new feels like being shot out of a confetti canon, in a cloud of color and newness. Like every season, this one has been 1+ year in the making, starting with dreaming and drawing and coming to completion with finished garments we can’t wait to get on our bodies.

Rather than try to squeeze ALL the goodness into this post, I wanted to mention what I consider my personal, design-nerdy details that really get me excited about the evolution of Oiselle. We live by the mantra of small is big. Here are just a few of the details and interesting facts about this week’s launch that I’m most excited about:

1. Watch Window in Long Sleeve Flyout
The what-time-is-it detail that caught fire last year is BACK and in our Flyout Long Sleeve. You’ll also see it in new colors of the Flyout Wool, but who needs wool right now?! (As an aside, this season’s Flyout colors are my favorite to date, all in this never-die, keeps-you-dry fabric that changes the game when it comes to heat and sweat).

2. Putting all your “real bras” on notice

My friend Jacinta says “real bras are trash” and we agree. This season we add the Lux Bra to the line up of daily drivers. Two layers of Heavyweight Lux, in a simple but supportive cross front style. More Lux on your breasts. Yes. Also: breastfeeding moms - you deserve this style.

3. Won’t-stand-down COLOR

Beyond the return of Snap and new Crimson… Meet BB Blue, which stands for BIG BOLD (and other B words) Blue. Bright, happy, and strong. And hello Douglas Fir, aka DFir, the green y’all have been asking us for. Like the cool rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula, it’s a green for the ages, all ages. And last but never least: our new deep blue! Meet Grounded. The story behind the name… for O followers, you’ll remember our first navy was “Midnight” and our next iteration was “Curfew.” Well, first you were out ’til midnight, then you blew past curfew, so now you grounded. Lol, inside color jokes r us. Ask me about FC Red sometime.

4. Solid gold Flyte!

For the first time, our favorite Flyte designs (tank and long sleeve) in beautiful, rich solid colors. Black, Grounded, Crimson, with birds that pop more than ever. These are fantastic new updates to favorites, but don’t worry, the fit and go-long performance is unchanged. Flyte on, sisters.

5. Lux Cropped Pants

You know our goal is to fit as many women as possible. Tights and pants can tend to favor the tall among us, but my petite sisters need great bottoms too. These pants start with the one and only fabulous Classic Lux. The fit is roomy and relaxed in the hips, thighs, and butt (without being sloppy) and the legs go to a soft taper, making them ultra easy to style, either pulled down or up around the calf.

6. Lesko Bra is back!

With slight updates that have the design feeling both sleeker and more compressive at the same time. As with many of our bras, we’ve added a bit more body length to the Lesko Bra (from top of shoulder to chest band), a fit change that has been welcomed among many!

7. Triple Threat - Capris

These babies combine the pin-tuck styling of the Aero, the five pockets of the Pocket Jogger Capris, and the mid-rise waistband of the Go Joggings into one fine SUPER BOTTOM. A favorite among the wear testing crowd here at O, these will be the bottoms to rock any run, from easy to 18-miler, carrying you in comfort and convenience.

8. Runner Truckers always win!

Keeping it fun and functional this season with a new reflective/black bolt print, plus Yosemite’s Half Dome and a mountain collage. Per usual, lightweight, foldable, one-tug adjustable, always ready to hit the road. No truck required.

July 18, 2019 — Alisoune Lee

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