Body movement. Therein lies happiness. And ladies amiright, all we really need is a sports bra and a pair of shoes and we’re good to go. (Okay, bottoms too, check)

Our Spring 18 sports bras collection is both a reinvestment in the styles we know you love, as well as an expansion into new designs and fits. Between new fabrics, new designs, plus a range of coverage and support, there’s a lot here for the women who love to run!



The new Team Bra is a sister bra to the beloved Hi Ten! An identical silhouette, it is the sports bra that is comfortable enough to also be a daily bra. Whether worn on its own, or beneath layers, the branded silkscreen also brings the chutzpah.

Design team insight:

- We updated the liner to a more supportive eyelet mesh. In addition to better support for high impact, its structure improves moisture management during intense exercise, keeping you drier.

- We updated and reinforced the straps with encased elastic - which prevents the strap from collapsing and more evenly distributes weight.

- Compression level 1 – high impact for A/B cups



A favorite person and style! When we first debuted this sports bra I noted that, just like its namesake Sarah Lesko, it was ready for action (I mean, c’mon, Lesko is Chief of Shenans!) As a sports bra, it’s been an ideal choice for A/B/C cup women who are looking for mid-level front coverage and good support.

Design team insight:

- We updated the liner (same as all of our bras this season) with our more substantial eyelet mesh that improves overall support.

- The straps include encased elastic to reduce collapsing of the fabric, and the chest band has a new, cleaner construction/stitching.

- Did we put birds on it? Yes we did.

- Compression level 2 – high impact for A/B/C



We’ve made some important tweaks to the Brilliance Bra this season – with improved padding at the shoulders, a new bonded, flat construction adjustable clasp, and more supportive liner.

Design team insight:

- The new liner fabric and adjustable back clasp all work together to form a more comfortable feeling where it matters most.

- The bonded clasp is exceptionally soft with no edges to scratch or rub.

- Compression level 2 – high impact for A/B/C



The Bae Bra returns as a well-loved favorite. The body fabric, Nyelle™ Compression is incredibly popular because it’s both soft and supportive. This style’s wide but adjustable straps make it easier to customize to your body length.

Design team insight: Our mighty mesh, in the rear center of the bra, might look delicate, but it’s incredibly strong. The mesh makes it ideal for not only running, but cross training, spinning, and other indoor training where sweat levels increase.




We’ve long been known for our strappy style and the Ballard brings it! The newest style to our line up, the Ballard has a double strap system that is also very secure and in our beloved Nyelle Compression. Mesh detailing at the front provides both additional coverage and a beautiful design line.

Design team insight: From small cups to bigger, a lot of women want longer front length in their bras, and higher sides – both to prevent boob spillage. Staff wear testers rate the Ballard highest in this area, making it a great choice for running at A/B/C cups, and low impact or daily wear for D or DD.



New! The Mojo Bra combines the compression and functionality of a sports bra with the design interest of a daily driver. Flat, comfortable straps and removable cups have already made it a favorite at the nest!

Design team insight: We combined three great fabrics, including Plya™ Stripe, Nyelle™ Compression and athletic mesh to deliver ideal comfort. Pair it with an open back top and voila!


For those of you who have expressed that you'd love to see Oiselle sports bras include significant internal structure, as well as independent band and cup sizing, please know we hear you - and are working on solutions. In the meantime, if you need a running sports bra with significant support/engineering, we recommend you check in with our friends at Title Nine who have some great options.

As always, if you have any questions about our newest styles, or how to select your size, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Head up, wings out!


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January 23, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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